Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent’s Right About Cecil The Lion, Goddammit

Ted Nugent calls it on Cecil The Lion, but only by blind, stupid luck. More »

Ted Nugent Wrote About The George Zimmerman Verdict. Oh God Yes.

Before I dive into this almost embarrassing treasure trove of bullshit, I just want to remind everyone that in April 2012 Ted Nugent threatened to assassinate Barack Obama if he won the election. In fact, his exact words were, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or… More »

Ted Nugent Threatened To Kill Obama. Again.

Speaking of fucking idiots and politics, while attending this year’s NRA convention that already featured Rick Santorum proudly touting his three-year-old daughter’s membership and NRA president Wayne LaPierre basically insinuating that if more Americans had guns on 9/11 they could’ve easily stopped that shit exactly like this, Ted Nugent decided to add threatening to kill… More »