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Taylor Swift Has A Butt?

Taylor Swift in a bikini has what appears to be an ass? That can't be right.
By: The Superficial / January 30, 2015

Nobody Leaked Nude Photos of Taylor Swift, Stop Asking Me

Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram were both taken over by hackers threatening to leaked nude photos of her which never happened because they didn't have any. You can stop e-mailing me now.
By: The Superficial / January 28, 2015

The Golden Globes After Parties We Missed

And to conclude our coverage of the Golden Globes, here are a bunch of celebrities at 18 different after parties celebrating themselves for starring in a three-hour long national broadcast celebrating themselves because they truly are our unsung heroes. Would it kill everybody to stop and talk about them more? They …
By: The Superficial / January 12, 2015

Taylor Swift Made Out With Karlie Kloss ‘Allegedly’

While I was too busy covering real stories like how Hilary Duff's body's going to be found in a wedding gown beneath Aaron Carter's shed, the Internet was losing its shit over a photo of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss making out (below) even though they basically got married …
By: The Superficial / December 8, 2014

And Now Taylor Swift Singing To Karlie Kloss’ Butt

Last year, Jessica Hart said some shit about Taylor Swift "not fitting in" at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which is why this year Jessica was nowhere to be seen and NY Daily News reports it's Taylor's doing. Which seems like way too much power for Taylor …
By: The Superficial / December 3, 2014

The 2014 American Music Awards

Now that we've seen Nakedsaurus, Rise of The Sasquatch Nip Guardians, Cry For Me, Justintina, and BUTTFORCE 9000, here's the rest of The 2014 American Music Awards which you'll probably notice contains a disproportionate amount of Kate Beckinsale pics even though she's not …
By: The Superficial / November 24, 2014

Katy Perry’s Boyfriend Wants To Crowdfund A Booty Onto Taylor Swift

Despite promising myself an ass hiatus after yesterday's 2014 Buttella Festival, I still have precious SEO to milk into my mouth, so here's Katy Perry's boyfriend publicly insulting the spot where Taylor Swift's butt should be: Get Taylor Swift A Booty— BABY DADDY (@diplo) November 12, …
By: The Superficial / November 13, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Camel Toe: Ain’t Nothing Controversial About That

It's been a hell of a day full of child molesters, death treats over gun control, 12-year-olds getting implants, and more child molesters, so here's Taylor Swift's camel toe which is about as plain, vanilla, and non-controversial as it gets. You could show …
By: The Superficial / October 24, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Cat Is Hitler And Everyone Hates It

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, John Cleese asked Taylor Swift right to her face if her cat was in an accident because it looked "damaged." And I'll be the first to say, who could ever possibly give a shit? Except this is the …
By: The Superficial / October 13, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Trying To Bang Selena Gomez!

Okay, that headline might seem like sensationalistic click-bait, but I honestly don't know how else you read this Selena Gomez quote without getting the impression that Taylor Swift wants to passionately tongue her vagina in a Brooklyn brownstone while Karlie Kloss watches from a window, her jealously steaming in the …
By: The Superficial / October 8, 2014

Ariana Grande’s Life Coach Quit

Seen here performing at The iHeart Radio Music Festival over the weekend, Ariana Grande is looking more and more like an out-of-control diva who hopes her fans fucking die because now comes word that her life coach quit months ago after getting tired of her shit. Page …
By: The Superficial / September 22, 2014

Taylor Swift Is Writing Songs About Katy Perry Now

Taylor Swift's schtick used to be writing songs about jerk boys who didn't make every single date like The Notebook. But she's evolved as an artist (and a woman... nope, that wasn't creepy) and has moved on to writing songs about other pop stars who steal her …
By: The Superficial / September 9, 2014

Let’s Start With Taylor Swift’s Ass Cheeks #VMAs

Somewhere between making Diet Coke commercials and getting a dog with Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift realized she has the body of a Victoria's Secret model complete with 9,000 mile long legs. So here she is at last night's VMAs showing off more ass and vulv …
By: The Superficial / August 25, 2014

Taylor Swift Wants To ‘Shake It Off,’ I’m On My Way

I'm not a 15-year-old girl who got dumped before Homecoming (yet), so I couldn't tell you how long it's been since Taylor Swift's released a song, but here's her new video for "Shake It Off" anyway. Which is alarming for two reasons: 1. She doesn't have sex with Karlie …
By: The Superficial / August 19, 2014

Are Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Lesbians?

Yesterday, there was a big to-do over Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss possibly being lesbian lovers after Gawker reported on The Daily Mail pulling down a piece about them living together which could just as easily be explained by the fact that they don't. Except that still …
By: The Superficial / August 14, 2014

The 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Someone just spotted Kim Kardashian. I've grown old enough where I've forgotten what it's like to be a teenager and now hate them for their youthful vigor and freedom to make stupid choices with abandon. Case in point: I once drove an hour to the nearest Best Buy to buy Limp Bizkit's Significant …
By: The Superficial / August 11, 2014

The 2014 MET Gala: Sexy People In Fancy Clothes That Cost More Than Your House

So I can move on with my life and find out if other people are showing their boobs at other places, here's the rest of The 2014 MET Gala featuring the return of Blake Lively's breasts (I left you for Hilary Duff. Don't make this weird.), Emma …
By: The Superficial / May 6, 2014

No, Taylor Swift, Your Crazy Skinny Legs And Dumb Hats Don’t Change Anything

Posted by Photo Boy Taylor Swift's parents are making her insufferable to work with, so to combat that, Taylor's hit the streets almost daily over the past few weeks to show off her ridiculously thin legs paired with fashionable stupid hats. Each time, she makes sure to …
By: Photo Boy / April 30, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Parents Are Katherine Heigl-ing Her

According to Page Six, Taylor Swift's parents are straight Katherine Heigl-ing her career which is really all I wanted to post about. Not so much the specifics of what's happening to Taylor's career, or why her parents are to blame, but that Katherine Heigl has been reduced to a …
By: The Superficial / April 8, 2014

Taylor Swift Thought She Won Album of The Year,
She Didn’t

Taylor Swift, who, again, looked way more awesome at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy party, was up for Album of the Year at last night's Grammys and had the joy of finding out what happens when two competing albums start with the same letter because here she is starting …
By: The Superficial / January 27, 2014
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