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Taylor Momsen & Some Gold-Painted Naked Chicks Are The Crap I Missed – 5.1.14

Posted by Photo Boy

Because Katie Cassidy was the only chick in a bikini I found today and according to my calculations here *crumbles up Wendy’s receipt* exactly six of you looked at those yesterday, here’s Taylor Momsen on the set of The Pretty Reckless’ new video, ‘Fucked Up World.’ It has naked… More »

Taylor Momsen Goes ‘Full Frontal’ For All of Two Seconds And Other News

- Mariah Carey is exactly the kind of employer you expect Mariah Carey to be. [Lainey Gossip]

– Sex advice from the Duggars. Oh, good. [Dlisted]

- Things That Bounce Thursday is why we have an Internet. [theCHIVE]

- Steve Hirsch calls out Couples Therapy’s Dr. Jenn. [Fishwrapper]
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Cindy Lou Who Has Satan In Her Or Something

Here’s Taylor Momsen in the new The Pretty Reckless video for “Going To Hell” which manages to combine both metal and all that vagina grabbing kids are into these days. Although, unlike Miley Cyrus, at least Taylor Momsen is touching herself in the context of the devil doing her. Which is light years ahead of… More »

Taylor Momsen Is Still Doing That Topless Raccoon Eye Stuff, Everything’s Fine

Earlier in the week, Taylor Momsen showed up to New York Fashion Week (above) without her usual raccoon makeup on and everyone flipped their shit after they remembered/figured out it was her. Of course, there was a reason for that, and it’s because her band The Pretty Reckless is going on tour which they’re now… More »

Taylor Momsen Looks Like This Now

Sometime between now and this weird naked video where she looks like The Machinist, Taylor Momsen apparently showered and eased up on the raccoon eyes because she looked remarkably good shooting a music video in New York yesterday. Sure, the video will probably be for some shitty song about crows drowning in an ocean because… More »

Taylor Momsen Looks Different With Clothes On And Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Brad Pitt is about to give you the most confusing erection of your life. [Dlisted]

– Girls found in Mitt Romney’s ‘Bodyguard Candidates’ binder. [theCHIVE]

- Gwyneth Paltrow is in charge of all the blood diamonds now is how I read this. [Lainey Gossip]… More »

So Taylor Momsen’s Naked In This Video

Here’s raccoon exhibitionist Taylor Momsen reciting the lyrics from The Pretty Reckless song “Under The Water” while completely naked which I highly recommend watching if your idea of a sexy time is sitting through an amateur poetry slam about rape and/or Dina Lohan (I go back and forth.) just to see what it would look… More »

Taylor Momsen’s Still Doing This And Other News

- Jennifer Lopez’s manager thinks this Casper Smart thing is fucked up/really wants to get fired. [Lainey Gossip]

– Into Asian chicks? Cancel your morning. [theCHIVE]

- Anderson Cooper and M.I.A. had some sort of fight that demonstrated neither one of them know anything about anything. [Dlisted]

– Apparently… More »

Taylor Momsen Opened For Guns N’ Roses

Apparently Guns N’ Roses is touring again (?) with Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless as the opening act, and I can’t tell who that’s a bigger insult to. Axl Rose for being reduced to touring with Cindy Lou Who and Her I Hate Daddy Orchestra, or Taylor Momsen for having to open for a… More »

Taylor Momsen ‘Quit’ Acting Now

A while back, reports circulated that Taylor Momsen was kicked off Gossip Girl, but then she wasn’t, and then it was her character is slowly being written off, so of course here’s Taylor telling ELLE she quit acting altogether to pursue music like she had a choice:

ELLE: And any acting projects planned? More »

Taylor Momsen is Still Doing That Lesbian Orgy Thing

Hey, guys, we just experienced some technical issues both on the site and my Internet connection because Comcast is a dick-fart, so while we fan out the flames, here’s Taylor Momsen performing in Barcelona last night where she’s still making out with chicks in underwear because she communes with the devil in a pillbox of… More »

Taylor Momsen Almost Looks Normal and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Amy Winehouse’s week in rehab might not have been long enough. No kidding? [Huffington Post]

– Remember last week when I said Lady Gaga almost killed Clarence Clemons? About that… [Dlisted]

- Prince Harry is ’bout to bust a cap up in this bitch. More »

Drunk Taylor Momsen: ‘Whoo! Look At My Underwear ‘Cause I’m So Misunderstood!’

Congratulations, you’re Paris Hilton now.

Here’s a completely shit-hammered Taylor Momsen stumbling around London last night because nothing says dark and edgy like needing someone to rub your head before you vomit absinthe all over your Hot Topic boots. No, really, she’s entered an entirely original plane of existence never before seen by… More »

Taylor Momsen is Still Flashing People

Taylor Momsen turns 18 next month which makes these nipple shenanigans less edgy and hXc with each passing day, but here she is performing in Leicestershire yesterday because I’m an historian. Years from now, we’ll look back at these photos and go, “Man, I miss the sweet, innocent Taylor Momsen who just used to put… More »

Why the Hell Were These People at The Kids’ Choice Awards?

Because there is nothing more dark and edgy than Nickelodeon, Taylor Momsen showed up at the Kids’ Choice Awards Saturday night just to make sure everyone knows how little she gives a shit about it or however emo logic works. X = Sulk a lot? I have no fucking clue. Anyway, she wasn’t the only… More »

Taylor Momsen Will See Miley’s Lesbian Kiss and Raise Her All This Stuff

Last summer, months before she even turned 18, Miley Cyrus set the world aflutter by kissing girls on stage in-between choreographed vagina diddles. So, of course, Taylor Momsen has added a simulated girl-on-girl orgy to her stage show, also months before turning 18. Except you really have to give Taylor the advantage here because she… More »

Taylor Momsen Has a Beer Gut

Here’s Taylor Momsen performing in Philly over the weekend where she’s apparently upped her stage show to just a mesh shirt and a bra. Which would be kind of hot once you factor out all the going to jail and the beer pouch at 17. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s fat because… More »

And Now We Know Who Leaked Those Rihanna Photos

Ball’s in your court, Chris Brown.

Photos: Splash NewsMore »

Kelly Osbourne Models For Madonna

That was fast.

Just a few weeks after Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon kicked Taylor Momsen to the curb for Kelly Osbourne, they’ve already rolled out the new campaign for Material Girl that looks completely realistic and not-at-all a CGI rendering enhanced by sorcery because that would be ridiculous. It’s not like Madonna’s… More »

Taylor Momsen: ‘I’ll See Your Grammys and Raise You a British Accent’

I swear to God Taylor Momsen has a copy of Miley Cyrus’ schedule because literally every – damn – time Miley shows up somewhere trying to prove she’s all grow’d up now, Taylor throws a peep show because she’s a 40-year-old truck stop whore trapped in a 17-year-old’s body. “Dicks? Pfft. They don’t do nuthin’More »

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