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Sly and Arnold Back Out of New Expendables Movie Because They’re Besties

“Eyyo, Arn- you’re my fuckin’ BFF you know that, but you’re way too close alright…”

“I will do nathing without you, Sly… NATHING!” More »

Casey Affleck Snubbed Sylvester Stallone? Life On Earth Has Ended

Something happened between Sylvester Stallone and Casey Affleck at the Golden Globes. That is the only fact you will find in here. More »

Bruce Willis Called ‘Lazy And Greedy’ By Man Starting Production On His 11th Sequel

“Vhy are you not speaking to Bruce? Did he vuck your maid, too?”

Posted by Photo Boy

Full Disclosure: Having recently declared A Good Day To Die Hard as the death knell to my man love for Bruce Willis, I have to go on record here to say that Sylvester StalloneMore »

Sage Stallone Found Dead (1976 – 2012)

While Sylvester Stallone was at Comic-Con promoting The Expendables 2 last week, his son Sage Stallone (Seen above in Rocky V) was reportedly lying dead in his room, possibly for days, and according to TMZ, it looks like an accidental overdose:

Our sources tell TMZ … Sage “lived like Howard Hughes” … he… More »

When Chuck Norris Says ‘Jump,’ Sylvester Stallone Says.. Well, It’s Mostly A Lot of Mumbling

“You heard me, Stallone. A trailer full of quality thermals AND plaid button-ups… or I walk.

Yesterday, The Huffington Post linked a report where Chuck Norris claimed to have roundhouse kicked The Expendables 2 down to a PG-13 rating because apparently profanity goes against the grain of his beard though I hesitate to… More »

Sly Stallone loves testosterone, loves it!

Sylvester Stallone denies ever using steroids but is all about human growth hormone. He used it to beef himself up to 209 pounds for his new Rambo movie. He goes on the record about HGH in the latest issue of Time, according to Page Six:

“HGH [human growth hormone] is nothing. Anyone… More »

Sylvester Stallone will shoot an arrow through your steak

Sylvester Stallone donated memorabilia to the Planet Hollywood in New York City last night. The items include a bow and arrow from Rambo, the fourth installment in the headband-wearing death machine’s franchise. I don’t know about you, but I would exclusively eat at any restaurant where Sly Stallone fired an explosive arrow through my food. More »

Janice Dickinson says Sly Stallone ‘juiced’ her

Janice Dickinson claims that she not only saw her ex Sylvester Stallone use steroids, but he used them on her. Janice was on FOX New’s Red Eye when she accused Rambo of using drugs. Page Six reports:

“He juiced me,” Dickinson said. “I’d wake up and my arm was as big as Popeye -… More »

Sylvester Stallone fined for importing drugs

Sylvester Stallone was fined $2,500 and ordered to pay a court cost of $8,300 by an Australian court Monday for illegally bringing in 48 vials of human growth hormone which he claimed was prescribed to him to help boost his body while filming Rambo.

“This stuff gives your body a boost and… More »