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Anthony Weiner Might Still Be Sexting Random Women

Is Anthony Weiner still sexting women on Facebook? Let’s ask the pornstar who admits she’s actively trying to destroy him. More »

Sydney Leathers Giving Myla Sinanaj A Lapdance Is Now Part Of Your Consciousness Forever

Posted by Photo Boy

While Fish is off exploring the new maps (That’s a thing I’ve heard people who play games excitedly talk about, so I chose to reference it in an attempt to seem savvy.) in Grand Theft Auto V, I decided to destroy a piece of, if not your entire soul… More »

Sydney Leathers Chased Anthony Weiner Through McDonald’s Last Night

I spend a lot of time shitting on gun nuts, the South, the Midwest, Christians, Republicans and basically all the things making America dumber by the minute. So for a change, I’m going to make fun of liberals because it’s 9/11 and everyone knows their godless heathenry caused it. “Socialized medicine!? Well, now I have… More »

Sydney Leathers Might Have HIV From Porn Already

Just to bring everybody up to speed on exactly how many pornos Sydney Leathers has made in the less than four weeks since it was revealed she was sexting Anthony Weiner, it’s two. Her “self-pleasure” video made barely two weeks later, and now “Weiner And Me,” a full-fledged adult film that she made for this… More »

Sydney Leathers Made A Song Called ‘Weinerizer’

Sydney Leathers is milking her 15 minutes way more times than she physically milked Anthony Weiner’s wiener which was zero because sexting is dumb. Because now on top of a porno, an advice column and whatever the hell she’s doing at a strip club (above), she’s making a single called “Weinerizer” because the bitch stole… More »

Sydney Leathers Didn’t Waste Any Time Cashing In On Anthony Weiner’s Wiener

The first time Anthony Weiner got busted digitally flailing his dick across America, it was because he was too stupid to consider the statistical likelihood that one of his recipients would be a Republican and egotistical enough to think she’d be so impressed by his cock to set aside partisan politics. No one’s dick is… More »

Here’s The Butt of The Woman Anthony Weiner Was Sexting After He Said He Was Done Sexting

Because Anthony Weiner is an egomaniac who thinks his political work is so important it will supersede the fact that the entire Internet has not only seen his penis, but knows he emailed it to tons of women behind his pregnant wife’s back, he decided to run for mayor of New York not even two… More »