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Suzanne Somers apologizes for Patrick Swayze remarks

Suzanne Somers apologized on Extra last night for making comments right after Patrick Swayze’s death that chemotherapy killed him and not cancer:

“I should not have said what I said,” Somers says of her controversial remarks. When asked if she believed Swayze would still be alive if he hadn’t undergone chemotherapy, Somers replied,… More »

Suzanne Somers: ‘Chemo killed Patrick Swayze’

Suzanne Somers believes chemotherapy is what really killed Patrick Swayze, according to Page Six:

“They took a beautiful man” and “put poison in his body.”
Somers, who has a book about cancer coming out next month, said: “Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins? . . More »