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Pancreatic Cancer, Huh?

Being asked every second of every day when the new iPhone is coming out would drive anyone to fake their own death, so here’s a wheelchair-bound, yet alive Steve Jobs in Brazil where he’d gladly risk a knife to the throat than talk one more second about diamond quartz screens. According to legend, he’s been… More »

Russell Brand: ‘I Threw That iPhone As A Tribute To Steve Jobs’

Seeing as he did it in front of 85 other cameras, Russell Brand isn’t even trying to pretend he didn’t steal a photographer’s phone and toss it through a window in New Orleans Monday night. He tweeted this just an hour ago because he’s so very cheeky, don’t you see?

Since Steve Jobs… More »

Kanye West Is Steve Jobs Now

“What kinda shit can I put a fruit on? Think, Kanye, think…”

This is going to surprise a lot of people, but Kanye West spent two hours on Twitter last night ranting about how his mom used to take him shopping for furs as a kid, so that’s why he has to pick… More »

Steve Jobs Died (1955 – 2011)

As most of you noticed, Photo Boy has been handling the site while I’ve been dealing with a family crisis. And now that crisis has come to a head because there’s something I need to come clean with after all these years: Steve Jobs is my dad.

Okay, he’s not, and now I’ve… More »