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Stop Trying To Make Hailey Baldwin Happen.
Just Stop.

Ireland Baldwin became a thing because she’s underage a leggy, impossibly hot blonde who also happens to be the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. And even I’ll admit some of that may be over-hyped. (Or under-hyped depending how long you stare at this Vine video.) Since then, there’s been a movement to make… More »

Stephen Baldwin Blue Steel’d The Shit Out of His Mugshot

Because “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” is one of those queer commie Bible verses that don’t count, Stephen Baldwin was arrested yesterday after basically failing to file tax returns with the state of New York for the last four years, according to TMZ:

According to the Rockland County District Attorney,… More »

Spencer Pratt calls Audrina Patridge a ‘ho’

With the departure of Heidi and Spencer from I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, producers turned to Audrina Patridge as a replacement only to receive a stiff rebuttal from her manager, according to TMZ:

“Not in a million years. Audrina is moving in a completely different direction than those two … More »

Miley Cyrus & Stephen Baldwin: A match made in Heaven

Stephen Baldwin must have some dirt on Billy Ray Cyrus (Read: Naked rodeo pictures.) because I don’t know how else to explain Miley Cyrus and her mom showing up to his book-signing at a Tennessee Christian bookstore last night. Not even Alec, the only working brother left, could pull off this kind of marketing coup. More »