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Miley Cyrus didn’t show her ass for once, and Kanye West managed to somehow top the worst financial decision of his life, but “where are the giant boobs all up in my monitor-face?” you’re probably asking. So here’s Kat Dennings at the UK premiere of Thor: The Dark World which Jaimie Alexander didn’t show up… More »

Shia LaBeouf Dumps Girlfriend For Chick He Banged In Lars Von Trier’s Indie Porno

Posted by Photo Boy

The last time we heard from Shia LaBeouf he was examining the difference between sex and love and how his new movie explores the space that exists between those things. Unfortunately for Shia’s now ex-girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, that space happened to exist in Mia Goth’s vagina, for whom Karolyn… More »

The Skarsgard Seed Is Strong

“On three, we find the nearest clinic and vacuum these things out of us.”

If Alexander Skarsgard is the true Nordic God of Sex-Thunder and not some Australian facsimile with delicious abs who foolishly got married and sired a child the second he made it big with his delicious abs, then his father… More »

It’s An Alexander Skarsgard Remix

Fun Fact: Alexander Skarsgard was one of the top contenders to be THOR-HAMM which thankfully didn’t happen. Anyway…

Skarsgard and THOR-HAMM were at the Hollywood premiere of The Avengers last night, so below is an appropriate musical montage that I feel captures the handsome pageantry of their respective sexual thundery attempting to occupy… More »

Alexander Skarsgard & Thor Just Plundered A Hole In The Sex-Time Continuum

Fun fact: Alexander Skarsgard was one of the top rumored contenders for the role of Thor which thankfully didn’t happen because Chris Hemsworth taught us that Thor is best played by someone with a stocky Viking-esque build as opposed to a tall, lean, muscular Swedish fucking machine. If Alexander Skarsgard should play any superhero, it’s… More »