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Ryan Seacrest’s stalker was Special Forces. Sweet!

Ryan Seacrest’s knife-wielding stalker who was arrested at E! Studios Friday is apparently a highly trained killing machine for the Army which issued a public apology to the radio host today. TMZ reports:

TMZ just spoke with Lt. Col. Nathan Banks, an Army spokesperson, who told us: “We apologize to Ryan Seacrest. More »

Britney Spears’ alleged stalker was ‘just making a documentary’

Britney Spears’ alleged stalker Miranda Tozier-Robbins apparently isn’t a stalker, despite looking in Britney’s windows, and was simply researching a documentary on the paparazzi, according to E! News:

“The documentary is more or less just, [me] on the way to Britney’s house, going on the bicycle ride, the camping out in… More »

Britney Spears’ stalker arrested

Former American Idol contestant Miranda Tozier-Robbins was arrested yesterday after sneaking onto Britney Spears’ property and looking in the windows of her mansion. The alleged stalker was clad in a camouflage outfit, according to E! News:

According to the Malibu/Lost Hills Station, an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy arrested 26-year-old Miranda Tozier-Robbins on… More »

Shawn Johnson’s armed fan wanted to impregnate her

Crazed stalker Robert O’Ryan was arrested after he attempted to break on to the Dancing with the Stars set and kidnap 17-year-old Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson. The 34-year-old Florida man was armed and believed he was destined to impregnate Shawn, according to TMZ:

According to documents filed by Johnson, “The LAPD searched… More »

Robert Pattinson feeds his stalkers

Good news, crazies. Robert Pattinson, of Twilight fame/hysteria, actually feeds the women who stalk him. No more eating scraps of his garbage for you! At least out of hunger. MSNBC reports:

“I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year,” Pattinson told Crème Magazine, as reported by England’s Press Association. “She… More »

Fran Drescher for Senate (And other insanity)

The day’s events:

- Fran Drescher campaigning for Hillary Clinton’s open senate seat. In related news, Fran Drescher is alive! [People]

- Jay Leno signs on for a Tonight Show-esque program on NBC at 10 PM. Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien does a Fuck You-esque motion towards network execs. [New York Times]

- MariahMore »

Jennifer Garner has her very own stalker (Aww…)

Jennifer Garner is a pretty smart mom. She’s read all the books and knows there’s one thing to definitely avoid during pregnancy: A crazed lunatic who claims to hear directly from God. (Sarah Palin?) Which is why she recently filed a restraining order against the man who’s been stalking her since 2002, according to Star:
More »

Paula Abdul’s stalker – was a stalker

Recently, a narrative has started that Paula Goodspeed, the woman found dead outside Paula Abdul’s home from an apparent overdose/suicide, was not a stalker and Paula Abdul killed her. Goodspeed’s friends and family have come to her defense despite overwhelming evidence including her real name is actually Sandra, and she’s OD’d before outside Paula Abdul’s… More »

UPDATE: Paula Abdul’s stalker found dead

A woman was found dead outside Paula Abdul’s home last night and police believe she is a stalker who they’ve dealt with “numerous times before.” The woman’s body was discovered in her car and a drug overdose is the likely cause of death. TMZ reports:

An LAPD spokesperson said the parents of the victim… More »

Debbie Gibson still alive, apparently stalked

Famed 80’s singer Debbie Gibson filed a restraining order against crazed fan Jordi Bassas Puigdollers (photographed with her above) of Spain after he showed up at her house on Sunday. Jordi constantly flies to the US to see Debbie in concert and often tries to follow her to her hotel. Showing up at Debbie’s house… More »

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