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Heidi & Spencer Still Walk Among Us

Heidi and Spencer live. Where is your god now? More »

Heidi Montag’s Dad Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Child, Incest

Heidi Montag‘s dad Bill Montag has reportedly been arrested for the sexual abuse of a child and incest. Yeah… More »

Heidi Montag Didn’t Biodegrade Yet

It’s been almost a year since Heidi Montag’s been on the site, so here she is at Crazy Horse for Spencer Pratt’s 30th birthday because apparently these two are still a draw in Vegas. Which really says all you need to know about anyone who goes there doesn’t it? “Oh, look, honey, it’s those people… More »

The Collection of Parts Known as Heidi Montag Got Drunk

Heidi Montag celebrated her [Insert number of years since her manufacture here.] birthday in Vegas over the weekend where she demonstrated the latest feature in top of the line sex-dollery: Life-Like Drunkeness (Now With More Sloppy Bedwetting). On that note, I love this photo of her and Spencer which really captures a day in the… More »

Heidi & Spencer Admit Faking Divorce, File Bankruptcy

Seen here with Heidi, who apparently changed outfits throughout the evening, Spencer Pratt admits to Life & Style that their divorce was faked to land a reality show that fell through, leaving the couple with no choice but to file for bankruptcy. *dabs eyes with tissues* I promised myself I wouldn’t do this…:

More »

Heidi Montag is Researching Stripping

Apparently Heidi Montag is still in the music business despite her album Superficial selling five copies, even with my name on it, because she plans on shooting a new video next week. That or she found a convenient excuse for all those job applications she filled out the other day. Via Twitter:

Going… More »

Friday in a Slutty Miley Cyrus Nutshell

While I attempted to (unsuccessfully) salvage my vacation, here’s a quick rundown of Friday’s gossip as told by sites who didn’t take the day off because they got rain on their toesies:

Miley Cyrus paraded around Hollywood in ridiculously small denim shorts (above) while frequenting over-21 nightclubs. You can practically smell the strollers… More »

Heidi & Spencer Are Broke

FACT: Gay men love breasts, too.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are reportedly living in his mother’s beach house after pissing all their money way only to find out absolutely no one wants to hire them anymore because they wasted their last fume of credibility pretending to end their fake marriage. RadarOnline reports:… More »

And We’re Back To This

Together again, for the Spencer’s gay time…

Photos: Pacific Coast NewsMore »

You Missed a Spot. In Your Jugular. And Other News.

- Lady GaGa will use her magic to repeal DADT. [Popeater]

- Aubrey O’Day wants you to see her underwear. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Chyna pulls a David Hasselhoff. Complete with bullshit excuse! [Dlisted]

- Pete Ross is officially a porn star now. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

-More »

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