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Sophie Monk Dumped a Millionaire and Other News

- Sophie Monk forgot the part where you break-up with your mark after the wedding. [Popeater]

- Chuck Norris doesn’t think there’s enough intolerance in high schools. [Dlisted]

- Robert Pattinson can be yours provided you don’t expect him to sparkle too much and have a few hours to sit by… More »

Sophie Monk in a Bikini Will Make it All Better

And we’re back.

To ease myself back into things, I figured I’d start out with a bikini post, so I hope nobody minds. It’s basically the equivalent of walking into work and all your boss wants you to do is point at something blue. Which would suck if you’re color blind, but nobody… More »

Sophie Monk is wanted by the police and other news

- Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith: The new face of Xenu? [Lainey Gossip]

- Dax Sheppard sees Kristen Bell looking at babies and immediately tries to fuck another woman. You can’t teach that. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Teri Hatcher doesn’t have swine flu, everybody. She’s just old. [Just Jared]

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Sophie Monk wants you too see her nipples

Here’s Sophie Monk on a photo shoot this afternoon where she accidentally flashed some nip. And by accidentally I mean her publicist yelled “Nipple! Now!” then patted himself on the back for a job well done. As he should. [Note to celebrity publicists: I will fall for this every. single. time. Just throwing that… More »

Sophie Monk in a bikini

Here’s Sophie Monk posing underneath a pier in Manhattan Beach, Cali. yesterday which is an erotic setting if your sexual fantasies include getting poked my medical waste while a homeless guy talks to a seagull. Although, in fairness, there’s really no better way to lose your virginity. And wallet. Damn you, thieving whore who… More »

Sophie Monk dating Russell Simmons?

When I see a young model like Sophie Monk dating a rich, older man like Russell Simmons, it makes me realize I spend way too much time talking to women and not enough time hurling dollar bills in their face with a leaf-blower. I guess it’s time for me to mature as a person. More »

Sophie Monk in a bikini

Here’s Sophie Monk in Malibu over the weekend, and she’s famous, right? Not that that’s going to stop me from posting these pics, but I just thought I’d ask. You know, make you guys feel like you’re part of a conversation where I dictate all the terms because this is my blog, and I… More »

Sophie Monk could totally be a secretary or something

Sophie Monk stopped by her agent’s office this morning and did some impromptu modeling in the elevator. I dunno about you, but I’d ask her to fax some stuff for me – then collate copies. After that: Alphabetizing – the sexiest office task of them all. Damn, is it getting hot in here? Anyway, it… More »

Sophie Monk in a bikini

These pics tell an incredible story. A story about Sophie Monk in a bikini. Then in a wetsuit. Then stripping out of that wetsuit while taking a shower and now she’s just in a bikini. It’s basically The Greatest Story Ever Told, and I’ll fight to the death anyone that says otherwise.

UPDATE: Even… More »

Ryan Seacrest: Sophie Monk is where now?

Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk were spotted together last night while leaving a restaurant in LA. Ryan tried to act like the two weren’t on a date: “Hello, there, paparazzi. How are you this evening? Yes, I’m TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest. What’s that? Sophie Monk? I don’t know what you’re talking- GO! GO! More »

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