Donald Trump Jr. Really Wants To Be On ‘Saturday Night Live’

I’m guessing Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t follow his dad on Twitter. Call it a hunch. More »

‘SNL’ Did The Melissa McCarthy Thing Again, It Was Okay

SNL went back to the Melissa McCarthy/Sean Spicer well. They probably shouldn’t have. (That Leslie Jones sketch though.) More »

Melissa McCarthy Really Destroyed Sean Spicer’s Whole Life

Donald Trump is reportedly looking to replace Sean Spicer after a girl played him on Saturday Night Live. Is this real life? More »

Donald Trump Is *Pissed* That Sean Spicer Was Played By A Woman

Donald Trump is reportedly furious that Melissa McCarthy made his administration look weak because girls shouldn’t be boys on TV. More »

Melissa McCarthy Was Sean Spicer On ‘SNL,’ Not Sure If You Heard

Melissa McCarthy epic destroyed slayed yas queened other internet words as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live. More »

Michael Rapaport Called Out Aziz Ansari For Trashing Chris Brown

Michael Rapaport thinks Aziz Ansari attacked Chris Brown because of “political correctness.” I don’t even know where to start. More »

How Has Donald Trump Not Tweeted About Aziz Ansari Yet?

Aziz Ansari called Donald Trump the Chris Brown of politics. Someone should probably check on him. More »

‘SNL’ Went For The Golden Shower Jokes, Guess Who Got Pissed

Saturday Night Live went right for the golden shower jokes, and like clockwork, Donald Trump start pissing his pants on Twitter. It’s not like he’s busy. More »

Just Kidding, Alec Baldwin Is Going To Play Trump Forever Now

Alec Baldwin’s SNL Trump isn’t going anywhere. More »

Alec Baldwin Is Done Playing Trump On ‘Saturday Night Live’

And the aftermath continues. More »

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