Simone Sestito

Mena Suvari’s Ex-Husband Wants Spousal Support

For two whole years Mena Suvari’s unemployed ex-husband Simone Sestito got to have sex with her impossibly large chipmunk butt that by all rights should cause her to topple over every time she walks, so why wouldn’t he think that should earn him $17,000/month in spousal support? He practically did her a favor. TMZ reports:… More »

Mena Suvari Filed For Divorce

Despite covering herself in gang tattoos for him then getting married in the Vatican City, Mena Suvari is divorcing Simone Sestito after just two years of marriage, according to TMZ. Which is news I honestly couldn’t care less about, I just wanted an excuse to post these old pics of her impossibly large chipmunk buttMore »