Simona Fusco Stratten


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Simona Fusco, so, uh, wow, you just pull em out like that often?

Simona Fusco Stratten apparently decided to air off her boobs while vacationing in Hawaii. Clearly those things were burning up because, damn, I’m sorry Kim Kardashian lovers, but there is all kinds of things right with this woman. And not because Simona flashed her jubilees like the sea water is the antidote. Which pretty much… More »

Kim Kardashian: Hotter than Simona Fusco Stratten?

So yesterday I posted smoking bikini pics of Simona Fusco Stratten in Hawaii. I heard your cries declaring Kim Kardashian is way hotter. So here’s Kim shopping at Rite Aid. I’ll let you guys battle it out over who’s better looking. Which do I prefer? Please, real women are for chumps. I moved on to… More »

Simona Fusco Stratten still wearing a bikini

Simona Fusco Stratten continued her Easter vacation in Hawaii by looking bikini-rific. You may remember her as “Hot Girl” on an episode of Entourage or, most likely, from my Happy Easter post. (I care enough to send the very best.) These are brand new shots from the weekend and she’s still wearing the same bikini. More »

Happy Easter, my little chickadees!

Have you heard the Good News? Simona Fusco Stratten is freaking hot! I wonder if she’ll come to my house and help me find Easter eggs. Because, seriously, it’s been over a year and the smell is making me dizzy.

See you on Monday when I’ll be hopped up on delicious Cadbury Creme Eggs. More »