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Rob Lowe’s wife seems really awesome to work for – if you’re in the Klan

The Lowe family seems fantastic to work for. In their ongoing legal battle with former nannies accusing them of everything from unpaid wages to flagrant masturbation, new accusations have arisen. Another ex-nanny, Laura Boyce, is claiming Sheryl Lowe made racially slurred accusations when she called in sick. Sheryl, fancying herself a doctor, issued… More »

Rob Lowe’s wife sued for sexual harassment

There’s something sweet about a couple that share common interests. In Rob and Sheryl Lowe’s case, it’s getting sued for sexual harassment. Aww, now that’s good marriage-ing. While Rob is facing allegations of his own, Sheryl just got nailed in a lawsuit from another former nanny. Apparently Mrs. Lowe is a bit of… More »