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Malin Akerman’s Breasts Didn’t Stand A Chance

Because she’s surrounded by yes men who didn’t warn her that Kat Dennings’ breasts would be there in all their majesty and splendor, Malin Akerman tried to make this outfit happen at the People’s Choice Awards last night which was a fool’s errand. She might as well have showed up in a habit. That’s right,… More »

‘Skarsgard’s Down, Now It’s Shemar’s Time To Shine’

“Made this kid two minutes ago. POW.”


NOTE: If you’re wondering what the hell is going on with this post instead of staring directly into this chick’s impossibly large ass, welcome to your first visit to The Superficial. It’s best if you just look at the… More »

Anderson Cooper Was Gay This Whole Time?!

A lot of you are going to have a hard time swallowing this one, but apparently Anderson Cooper has been gay this whole time. “But he hid it so well!” I know, I know. You’re not the only one who sat around making oil paintings of a silver haired knight satisfying the pleasure mounds of… More »

‘And, Lo, There Was A New Skarsgard, Forged of Chocolate And Ice…’

For reasons known only to him and a lounge chair lovingly dubbed “Sir Holds Them Booties,” here’s Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore standing shirtless on a yacht in Cannes this morning while holding a champagne flute, so we’re just going to go ahead and start calling him the Black Skarsgard. For this a man who… More »