Shellie Zimmerman

Sanford Police Chief: George Zimmerman Is Another ‘Sandy Hook’ Waiting To Happen

“Did you just reach for your gun because it looked like we were losing?”
“…. Noooo?”

When we last left George Zimmerman, his lawyer had just quit following a domestic dispute situation where George’s estranged wife Shellie accused of him going to his truck to get a gun after threatening her and… More »

George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Quit
(Subtitle: So What Was That Shit Yesterday?)

“Your honor, before we waste a lot of people’s time and money here, I feel like I should point out that my client shot a black kid and we’re in the state of Florida. — Still going to do this? Fair enough, that’s on you.”

Yesterday, George Zimmerman was briefly detained by police… More »

George Zimmerman In Police Custody After Allegedly Pulling Gun And A Knife On His Wife

“But she had Skittles?”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. George Zimmerman started losing a confrontation… ABC News reports:

George Zimmerman is being questioned by police after a domestic incident today with his wife, Shellie, and her father, that involved a gun, according to police.
Zimmerman is being… More »

George Zimmerman’s Wife Filed For Divorce

Sad news, Freedom Lovers. The George Zimmerman fiasco has finally claimed a casualty: A marriage. A straight marriage. I could barely stir my arugula tea while listening to NPR this morning, it made me so sick. Turns out George’s wife Shellie Zimmerman stood by his side while he was on trial for murdering Trayvon MartinMore »