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Miley Cyrus Wore This To Fight AIDS

Because every post about misogynistic reactions to the academic discussion of sexist tropes should be followed by pics of Miley Cyrus’ cleavage, here she is at last night’s amfAR Inspiration Gala where she helped Dale and the other Rescue Rangers stop Fat Cat with a plane made out of a bleach bottle. People could hardly… More »

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith Are Divorcing

“My God, it’s finally happened! Hold me in your penis arms, Sylvester.”

Late Friday afternoon (Read: Post-Giving-Fucks O’Clock.), Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas announced they’re getting a divorce which is either the result of him banging Sharon Stone, or Melanie Griffith getting way too much plastic surgery – that made him bang Sharon… More »

Sofia Vergara Filmed A Sex Scene With Sharon Stone. You Just Read That.

Apparently people are still casting Sharon Stone in movies (?) because here she is filming a sex scene for Fading Gigolo with Sofia Vergara in New York yesterday so I know none of you are reading any of this and just staring at her giant scantily-clad breasts. Which is why at the end of this… More »

Sharon Stone in a bikini

Here’s Sharon Stone vacationing in Sardinia over the weekend and looking like a healthy 51-year-old woman who knows her limits. Unlike, say, another 51-year-old woman I know who looks like she crawled out of a crypt to bench press Buicks. Now, I’m not mentioning any names because she’ll probably sing her hit song “Material… More »

Sharon Stone wants you to see her nipples

Sharon Stone poses topless for Paris Match despite the fact she’s 51, and Basic Instinct hasn’t been part of the cultural zeitgeist in over a decade. Not that I’m equating this to some random elderly woman taking her shirt off, but why is this happening again? Was it Paris Match’s turn to make sure… More »

Lindsay Lohan sued for stealing spray tan formula

- Lindsay Lohan is being sued for allegedly stealing the formula for her tanning spray Sevin Nyne. So let me get this straight, people believe Lindsay Lohan invented her own tanning spray? Wait, the secret ingredient’s coke isn’t it? Now I get it. [PopSugar]

- Angelina Jolie ventures out amongst us. The little… More »

Elizabeth Banks: Crazed diva?

- Elizabeth Banks is the new Sharon Stone? So, when do we get to see her vagina? Seriously, give me a date. I’ll make time. [Lainey Gossip]

- Britney Spears will perform on the season finale of American Idol – because God hates you. True story. [Allie is Wired]

- Evangeline Lilly needs… More »

Sharon Stone has implants

Here’s a painfully thin Sharon Stone at “An Evening of Women” hosted by the Gay & Lesbian Center last night. She’s always denied having implants, but when you drop this much weight and your chest looks bolted on for dear life, there’s no hiding it. To prove my point, for a good twenty minutes I… More »

Sharon Stone denies Botox allegations

Sharon Stone is denying reports she wanted her eight-year-old son to get Botox for his foot odor problem, according to her attorney. Entertainment Tonight reports:

“This week it was reported in connection with Sharon Stone’s custody dispute that she wanted to have her young 8 year-old son undergo Botox treatment at this… More »

Sharon Stone should teach parenting classes

Sharon Stone lost custody of her eight-year-old son last week with little explanation as to why – until now. Turns out Sharon Stone has the parenting know-how of a jelly donut. Here’s a snippet of the judge’s ruling via People:

Saying that Stone is “unable to provide the structure, continuity and reliability… More »

Sharon Stone loses custody of her son

Sharon Stone has lost custody of her eight-year-old son Roan. Her ex-husband Phil Bronstein has had primary custody and a judge refused Sharon’s pleas to change that arrangement, according to Entertainment Tonight:

According to court documents detailing a September 12, 2008 custody hearing, Phil Bronstein “shall have permanent sole physical custody of child. Court… More »

Sharon Stone opens mouth, unleashes dumb

As some of you may have heard, Sharon Stone once again opened her mouth again and said some retarded shit. This time around, she chalked up the recent earthquake in China (which killed Tibetans and Chinese) as “bad karma.” The AP reports:

“I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans… More »

Sharon Stone, for the love of God, put your shirt back on

Dear Ms. Stone,

If you have inside information that proves it’s actually 1992 and not 2008, kindly forward it to my immediate attention. In the meantime, I’m gonna have to ask you to put those things away. Yeah, you’re at Cannes – Woo-hoo! But, please, don’t make me unleash the Jean-Claude on you. The… More »

Sharon Stone still has star power, who knew?

Sharon Stone is making big bucks just to show up at places. Apparently, 15 years later, people are still in awe about the time she showed her vagina in Basic Instinct, according to Page Six:

Insiders say she pulls $175,000 for a mere 30 minutes of face time at noncharitable events. “Sharon is starting… More »

Sharon Stone gets her bikini on

More »

Sharon Stone is looking, uh, not young

Sharon Stone and her son were spotted at a flea market in Los Angeles over the weekend and Sharon looked pissed as hell. I’d probably be pretty angry too if I looked like her. Jesus, what happened? I’ve seen corpses that looked more healthy and youthful than this.

More »

Sharon Stone “forgets” her bra

Sharon Stone was spotted leaving The Ivy without her bra on, which is the equivalent of wearing a big sign around her neck that says “Look at me! I want attention!” I mean yeah, people will look at you, but they’ll also look at a naked clown walking into Chuck E. Cheese’s. That… More »

Sharon Stone and Christian Slater not dating

Sharon Stone’s rep is denying rumors she and the 11 years younger Christian Slater are a couple despite published reports yesterday. Her rep says:

“They did ‘Bobby’ together and went to two of the premieres together. Nothing else.”

I didn’t even know Christian Slater was still alive. The reports might as well have… More »

Sharon Stone bathes in pee

The screenwriter for Basic Instinct, Flashdance, and Showgirls has released a new book called The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood: The Screewriter as God and in it claims that Sharon Stone’s behavior “so annoyed the crew on one of her movies that they relieved themselves into a bathtub before Sharon got into it for… More »

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