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Shar Jackson suing Star

Shar Jackson has hired a lawyer to sue Star Magazine for sticking to their story that she’s pregnant with Kevin Federline’s baby. Shar says through her rep:

“When my kids hear things at school and then ask me if they are getting a new brother or sister, I have to put my… More »

UPDATE: Shar Jackson pregnant with Kevin Federline’s baby

Shar Jackson is reportedly seven weeks pregnant with another of Kevin Federline’s children. She got a positive result from a home pregnancy test and then confirmed it with a visit to her gynecologist a few days later. A good friend of hers tells Star:

“Shar wants to tell Kevin, but she keeps… More »

Britney Spears really needs the help

Kevin Federline reveals all

Kevin Federline had a candid radio interview with Big Boy the other day, and in it talks about wanting a threesome with Jessica Alba, choosing to save Sean Preston over Britney Spears if they were both drowning in the ocean, and thinking Britney Spears is better in bed than Shar Jackson. None of… More »

Shar Jackson gets revenge

Shar Jackson has struck back at Britney Spears by giving K-Fed gonorrhea sleeping with Spears’ ex-husband, Jason Alexander. Jackson showed up at the 25th-birthday party for singer Ray J, Brandy’s younger brother, in L.A. Saturday night with Alexander. A spy says, “They made out all night before going upstairs to the off-limits bedroom area of… More »

Kevin Federline misses son’s birthday

Page Six reports that Kevin Federline skipped the first birthday party of his son Kaleb, one of his two kids with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. A spokeswoman for Shar claims that Kaleb’s birthday last Wednesday “came and went without a visit, present or phone call from Kevin or Britney.”

It must be hard to… More »

Quentin Tarantino and Shar Jackson are dating

Us Weekly is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is dating Kevin Federline’s ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, going to Las Vegas last weekend and acting like a couple. Witnesses at Nobu say they “held hands like a couple” and were “very touchy”. A spokesperson for Shar insists they are just friends and were celebrating her mother’s birthday, but… More »