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Christians Hate ‘Cosmos?’ How Unexpected

Unless you live in a cave and/or are home-schooled, you’re probably aware that on Sunday night FOX, of all networks, relaunched Cosmos, the beloved Carl Sagan series, thanks to Seth MacFarlane who was instantly on board after being pitched the show by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It signaled a new age of rejuvenating scientific curiosity after… More »

Charlize Theron Banged Seth MacFarlane Because Of This Movie

About a year ago, before her vagina was in the disarmament business, Charlize Theron had a brief fling with Seth MacFarlane while they were working on the western comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West. A movie literally everyone forgot about until the Red Band trailer hit today, so while you watch that… More »

Seth MacFarlane Isn’t Thrilled With This ‘Family Guy’ Predicted The Boston Marathon Attack Business

UPDATE: Clip’s been removed. The hand of Sauron moves quickly.

Before I even get into this, watch the clip above from a March 17 episode of Family Guy that really looks like a flashback happens where Peter wins the Boston Marathon by setting off two explosions with a cellphone. Pretty fucking insane, right? More »

Charlize Theron Isn’t Seth MacFarlane’s Type. Everybody Calm D- Wait, What?

Fresh off of kicking the Khaleesi to the curb, here’s Seth MacFarlane on what looks like a date with Charlize Theron last night. Except you’ll never guess which person in these photos was the first to immediately tell E! News the other isn’t his/her type and it’s not the one visibly dying of humiliation:
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Seth MacFarlane Dumped The Khaleesi

Now that he’s a controversial Oscars host, Seth MacFarlane doesn’t need Emilia Clarke anymore which is great news for her considering the last girlfriend he broke up with was Amanda Bynes and look how well she turned out. She’s practically a whole other person. E! News reports:

The 39-year-old Family Guy funnyman and… More »

Seth MacFarlane’s Banging The Khaleesi

When we last Seth MacFarlane he was doing Ryan Phillipe a solid by regularly ejaculating into the hole Ryan’s illegitimate unborn child would eventually fall out of. A move that apparently impressed the shit out of Emilia Clarke, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, who started banging Seth a month later, so just assume Ryan Phillippe… More »

Seth MacFarlane Banged Alexis Knapp While She Was Pregnant With Ryan Phillippe’s Baby

Let me just start out by saying, I love everything about this fucked up story particularly the part where Seth MacFarlane demonstrates he’s a goddamn genius by employing the age-old maxim, “Well, it’s not like she can get more pregnant.” Us Weekly reports:

Alexis Knapp — who gave birth last year to daughter… More »