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Katy Perry’s Cleavage to Sesame Street: ‘We’re Still Here’

Katy Perry appeared on the premiere of Saturday Night Live this weekend where she apparently took a yam-jab at the Sesame Street boobhaha that ended with her being motorboated off the show. (Should’ve stopped at boobhaha.) Last I checked she was going to be allowed back to play with Elmo, but somehow I don’t think… More »

Katy Perry Kicked Off Sesame Street

So remember how I showed that clip of Katy Perry making Elmo wish Jim Henson gave him a penis before he died? Turns out that never actually aired on PBS, nor will it after parents saw the sneak peak and lost their shit, according to TMZ:

The song made its way to YouTube… More »

Katy Perry Just Blew Some Little Kid’s Mind

Katy Perry apparently appeared on Sesame Street this morning to sing a PBS-friendly version of her song “Hot ‘N Cold,” yet I like how she still had to show 20 acres of cleavage even though it was hidden under mesh. Seriously, she couldn’t have pulled this one off in a T-shirt? As if Justin BieberMore »