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Sean Penn Is Banging Vincent D’Onofrio’s 24-Year-Old Daughter

Well, now everyone knows who Leila George is, which I’m guessing was the point. More »

Madonna & Sean Penn Aren’t Helping

Madonna and Sean Penn are here to turn the tide of the election, but mostly just make things worse. More »

Sean Penn Almost Named His Son ‘Steak’

Sean Penn wanted to name his son ‘Steak,’ but went with Hopper instead. Also, they’re both fuck-awful rage maniacs. More »

Sean Penn Thought His El Chapo Interview Solved The War On Drugs

So Sean Penn’s Head’s Getting Cut Off

Sean Penn interviewed El Chapo for Rolling Stone, which ended with the drug lord being captured the day the article was published. Whoops. More »

Sean Penn Sued Lee Daniels For Equating Him With Terrence Howard

Sean Penn will apparently sue your dick off if you say he beats woman and/or equate him with Terrence Howard. More »

Minka Kelly Denies Dating Sean Penn

Minka Kelly denies dating Sean Penn now. Three weeks later. More »

Sean Penn Is Banging Minka Kelly Now, Just Burn Everything

Minka Kelly is dating Sean Penn. WHY?! (Besides money.) More »

Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Are Over

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn reached their inevitable conclusion. More »

Sean Penn’s Haiti Gala Had An Odd Guest List

Because the Golden Globes, it’s 47 after parties, and Johnny Depp’s Makeout Emporium weren’t enough, Sean Penn threw his annual Help Haiti Home Gala over the weekend featuring star-studded celebrities and a special guest who you’ll notice isn’t in any of the group shots or ever once near Sean Penn. However, this old pervert was… More »

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