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Demi Moore NOT Dating The Walking Wax Statue

But he looked so straight… powdering men’s shoulders.

Earlier today, RadarOnline reported that Demi Moore had rebounded from her divorce with “celebrity groomer” Scott-Vincent Borba who I hope enjoyed all that publicity from being called Donny Osmond’s Sweaty Gay Statue because Demi’s people are already denying the relationship. Us Magazine reports:

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This Is Demi Moore’s Rebound?

Now that Demi Moore’s exhausted all of Kaballah’s options in saving her marriage to Ashton Kutcher – I’m genuinely shocked the marital campfire didn’t work. Shocked, I say! – she’s apparently rebounded with “beauty mogul” Scott-Vincent Borba (above) which absolutely can’t be right. I don’t care if their skin was manufactured in the same plant. More »