Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp Is Bipolar

Scott Stapp has been diagnosed as bipolar after being successfully treated for making psychotic videos about Obama trying to kill him and [every GOP presidential candidate’s platform here]. … More »

Scott Stapp Threatened To Assassinate Obama

Scott Stapp believes terrorists are hiding around every corner and taking prayer out of public schools has ruined America, so it’s already been established he’s crazy. All the evidence is there. And now comes words that he’d taken his batshit to the next logical step: Wanting to shoot things. Namely Obama for using the IRS… More »

Scott Stapp Is Out of His Goddamn Mind

Just like Mickey Rourke “winning” a boxing match, a lot of people wrote in over the holiday to let me know that Scott Stapp is supposedly broke and living in a Holiday Inn. And just like the Mickey Rourke story, there’s a simple explanation, and it’s Scott Stapp is crazy. Fucking bananaballs crazy. Turns out… More »

Scott Stapp Won’t Vote For Obama. October Surprise, Bitches!

Because if there’s one thing people who watch FOX News probably love, it’s Creed, so Scott Stapp stopped by Fox & Friends this morning where he revealed that he voted for Obama in 2008, but won’t this year because he found his administration “ineffective” and “a lot of promises but no real delivery.” Except he’s… More »