Scott Baio

Trump Loses Crucial Aaron Carter Vote

Donald Trump just lost his invitation to Aaron’s Party, but don’t worry, for off in the distance, a Chachi waits. More »

Scott Baio is desperate

Scott Baio reportedly tried to get an invitation to the after-party for Anne Hathaway’s latest film, Becoming Jane, Tuesday at the Bowery Hotel, but was rejected because organizers didn’t think he was “the right celeb” to have at the event.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be Scott Baio? This guy… More »

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell get married

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell got married on Saturday in a western-themed ceremony on their ranch in Los Angeles. And I hope they have a happy marriage and all that, but this is just confusing. Rebecca Romijn is a former Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. And Jerry O’Connell? Well he showed up to… More »

Danny Bonaduce is a freak of nature

Mandy Moore dates DJ AM, God confused

I don’t know why, but Mandy Moore and DJ AM (Niciole Richie’s ex) are allegedly dating. They ran into each other at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami and have been seeing each other since.

“It’s really new. They’re in the beginning stages of getting to know each other,” says the… More »

Wilmer Valderrama

How is it that Wilmer Valderrama keeps landing such big name girlfriends? Not that Lindsay Lohan is anywhere near the top of my list (unless you’re talking about my whore list), but Mandy Moore certainly was an impressive and shocking catch. The idea that Fez from That 70’s Show could have done the horizontal Salsa… More »