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Danny Masterson Handled That Rape Stuff Well (He Didn’t)

Danny Masterson accuses Leah Remini of trying to destroy him for ratings while the LAPD confirms that, yup, it’s investigating Hyde for rape alright. More »

Danny Masterson Allegedly Raped Three Women: Report

Danny Masterson is accused of raping at least three Scientology members, and guess how the church allegedly handled it. (Hint: Rhymes with “hover cup.”) More »

Leah Remini: Tom Cruise Can End Scientology Whenever He Wants

Leah Remini basically laid all of Scientology’s bullshit at Tom Cruise’s feet. More »

Scientologists Voted For Trump, Of Course

Who would’ve guessed that the tax-dodging, litigious church founded by a megalomaniac would vote for Donald Trump. More »

Leah Remini Is Still Going HAM On Scientology

Leah Remini is Scientology’s #1 enemy now. More »

Brad Pitt Just Shat On ‘The Passion of The Christ’

Brad Pitt managed to crap on both Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise in one fell swoop. More »

Katie Holmes Can Talk Shit About Tom Cruise Soon

The terms of Katie Holmes allegedly secret divorce settlement are about to expire, so this should be awesome. More »

Leah Remini Still Has Scientology By The Balls

Leah Remini is producing a new series exposing how Scientology rips aparts families. More »

Kirstie Alley Hands Donald Trump The Batshit Xenu Vote

Kristie Alley is voting for Trump because she’s a woman. Okay. More »

Tom Cruise Wants Oprah To Help Him Yell At Leah Remini

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