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Lindsay Lohan’s Porn Double Is A Better Person Than Lindsay Lohan

Here’s Lindsay Lohan’s porn doppelganger Scarlett Fay showing up at the L.A. County Coroner’s office this morning (See how quickly she found the entrance?) in an attempt to help Lindsay out of a jam when it started to look like she’d be late for her court-ordered shift at the morgue. A selfless act that Lindsay… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Getting a New Judge

Lindsay’s still in rehab, so you’re getting the porn version. Adapt.

The judge presiding over Lindsay Lohan’s case recused herself today after the DA’s office raised objections to a bunch of shit that makes absolutely no sense to me. Popeater reports: … More »

‘Lindsay Lohan: The Porno’ – The Photo Shoot

Some people might laugh at these photos of porn star Scarlett Fay promoting her Lindsay Lohan video for Hustler, but let’s be frank for a minute. This chick is doing way better than Lindsay. I mean, just think about it: She’s employed, not sentenced to rehab and stars in a movie that actually got made… More »