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School Didn’t Know Sasha Grey Was A Porn Star

Then how do you explain Amber Rose? DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!

Sasha Grey went on The View this morning to defend reading to schoolchildren despite having a long, easily accessible career in porn, but let’s not get distracted by the rights or wrongs of letting someone who uses double penetration like a painter… More »

Sasha Grey Will Never Stop Touching Your Kids

A California school district has found itself under fire after allowing “former” porn star Sasha Grey to read to students as part of her involvement in the Read Across America program. While the school attempted to cover it up, Sasha has decided to go a different route and announced she will continue reading to kids… More »

Sasha Grey Read To School Kids, Oh Good

Apparently it’s Screw The Little Bastards Week in academia because porn star Sasha Grey was recently invited to read to a class of first graders which somehow didn’t go over awesome with the parents. I guess they saw that season of Entourage where Vince dated Sasha and became a coke addict/adrenaline junkie. Or as I… More »

Sasha Grey is naked so your cat won’t have a uterus

Here’s Sasha Grey pretending to pose nude for PETA which makes no fucking sense when you think about it. Keeley Hazell went completely topless to save the animals and even the Real Housewives chick made with the full ass shot for whatever the hell she was against that probably wasn’t important, but the porn… More »