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‘Hey Latinos, Fuck You!’ – Signed, The Palins & Me, Dakota!

In some states, Donald Trump is literally polling 0% with minorities. This should probably help. More »

Donald Trump Might Make Sarah Palin His VP. The Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is on Donald Trump’s list of VP potentials, because it’s not like she’s ever fucked that up before. More »

Jimmy Kimmel Taking Down Sarah Palin’s Bullshit Went Over Well

Jimmy Kimmel took on Sarah Palin’s climate change horseshit, and America responded with dumb. More »

Sarah Palin Is As Much A Science Guy, Too, You Guys, Also

Sarah Palin says she’s as much a scientist as Bill Nye. The Sarah Palin. More »

Chelsea Handler’s Butt Hole Is Campaigning Against Trump, Great

Chelsea Handler’s butt hole would like to say a few words about Donald Trump who you should apparently vote for or Sarah Palin will kill again. This is our country now. … More »

Sarah Palin Wants To Be The Next Judge Judy Now

Sarah Palin is coming home to her rightful place: white trash reality TV. More »

Sarah Palin Literally Blamed Obama For Her Son Punching A Woman

Track Palin punched his girlfriend in the face, and somehow that’s Obama’s fault in Sarah Palin’s moose-addled mind. More »

Track Palin Arrested For Domestic Violence, Has Impeccable Timing

Sarah Palin’s son allegedly assaulted a woman while drunk and wielding a gun. USA! More »

Is Dakota Meyer Baiting The Palins Into Asking For A Paternity Test?

Dakota Meyer might be trolling the Palins into admitting Bristol Palin got pregnant while cheating on her war hero fiance. More »

Moose-Knuckled: The Curious Case of Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy

Why is Bristol Palin’s family trying to make her daugther look like she wasn’t conceived during a drunken night in Vegas on top of a penis that wasn’t her ex-fiance’s? … More »

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