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Sarah Larson cheated on The Clooney?! Impossible!

In a shocking revelation that could only come out in the news vacuum before a holiday weekend (Diggin’ those Heidi Montag posts?), it appears Sarah Larson actually grew weary of The Clooney’s charm and cheated on him while they were dating, according to Page Six:

Larson seems to have a roving eye. Sin City… More »

Sarah Larson still famous despite no longer having sex with George Clooney (I’m confused)

Despite no longer being George Clooney’s arm candy, the paparazzi continue to trail Sarah Larson. She’s apparently still loved by the tabloids who report she got a boob job and is posing in Playboy. Hmm, she doesn’t look breastier. Maybe E! Online can shed some light on the subject:

“The stories are kind of… More »

George Clooney ditches the cocktail waitress, prepares chin for sexification

George Clooney has apparently decided to heed the advice of a mystery caller and kicked girlfriend Sarah Larson to the curb, according to a source for People:

Larson, 29, and Clooney, 47, made their public debut together at the Venice and Deauville film festivals last September. Later that month, the twosome were… More »

George Clooney once propositioned by Roseanne, it, uh, didn’t work

George Clooney sat down with Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers Wednesday night for a special screening of Leatherheads. During the Q & A, The Chinned One discussed his acting past and his experiences on the set of Roseanne which included a sexual offer from Roseanne. WARNING: If you just ate, skip to the witty… More »

George Clooney told to ditch his girlfriend

George Clooney received an anonymous phone call at home telling him to curb his girlfriend Sarah Larson. The voice on the line said “Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message: Dump the bitch before you’re sorry!” Clooney and his chin didn’t take well to this offense and launched an investigation, according to… More »

George Clooney’s girlfriend parties her face off

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson looks prim and proper on the red carpet, but these pics that surfaced of her go-go dancer days in Vegas say otherwise. Taken just before she met the Clooney in July, these photos show Sarah getting her drunk on in a bikini and practically doing a guy in the middle… More »

George Clooney: That’s all mine. Jealous? C’mon, say yes.

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson helped model the new Ashley Paige swimsuits last night during LA Fashion Week. If you don’t recognize Sarah, it’s because her resume includes Vegas cocktail waitress and Fear Factor contestant. But now Sarah’s career is taking off as she enjoys her current role as George Clooney’s boobless arm candy. Good… More »