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Nicole Richie & Samantha Ronson Were in Bikinis. Oh, Good.

I’ve never once considered Nicole Richie attractive, but then again I’ve never seen her stand next to Samantha Ronson in a bikini before, so let me safely say Nicole now looks as beautiful as the glowing, radiant face of the “Virgin” Mary as her eyes of tear-filled joy look down upon the baby Jesus for… More »

Lindsay Lohan Was Concerned With Samantha Ronson’s Drinking, Those Words Just Happened

Seen here smirking for her DUI mugshot as most celebrities do in California after a fun-filled hour of handling guns and working the sirens, Samantha Ronson reportedly has a drinking problem if you believe the sources in this story which you shouldn’t as I’ll explain later. TMZ reports:

We’re told … in the… More »

Samantha Ronson Got a DUI

“Officer, are ya gonna arrest me or bust my balls? My actual, physical balls. Which I have.”

Lindsay Lohan’s former lover turned perpetual stalking victim Samantha Ronson was arrested for DUI yesterday after trying to drive home from Vegas completely shit-faced, proving lesbians really do think like dudes. TMZ reports:

Law… More »

Lindsay Was Only Drinking Tea, You Guys

And just like the other 50 times Lindsay Lohan has arrived in court only to walk away with a mere slap on the wrist that turns out to be a pat on the head, here are the avalanche of stories that have sloughed off her drunken, freckled funbags:

– Lindsay is, again, claiming… More »

Lindsay’s a Lesbian Again. In Theory.

Judging by this tweet this morning sent by the guy.. thing and reports of them spending Valentine’s Day together, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are probably having heterosexual intercourse right now. Penis into the vagina:

watching grey’s anatomy-my fav show- @lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me- should i wake her up to let her… More »

Nicole Richie Was Probably Doing Coke

In my haste to post what was clearly going to be Exhibit A in the resulting trial from Lindsay Lohan murdering Samantha Ronson with a hobo shiv, I somehow forgot to gaze directly into Nicole Richie’s nostril. Fortunately commenter “Jill” has better journalistic skills than I do and wasn’t afraid to stare into the abyss. More »

Lindsay Lohan is Gonna Love This

Nope. No one’s doing coke here. — Okay, maybe that guy getting out of the car.

Samantha Ronson and Nicole Richie went out last night and had a good time without Lindsay Lohan so right away their deaths are being plotted as we speak. Not to mention it looks like Sam snorted enough… More »

Lindsay Lohan is Obsessed With This

A lot of times bastions of critical thinking such as myself attempt to claim that Lindsay Lohan is a crazy person using such tangible arguments as her parents, her history of drug and alcohol abuse – fueled by her parents – and flagrant disregard for babies riding in strollers – because she has shitty parents. More »

Samantha Ronson Actually Believes Lindsay

Despite essentially laughing about it in the press, Lindsay Lohan has somehow convinced Samantha Ronson that she didn’t mean to move next to her and honestly had no idea where she lived. I’m going to assume there was lots of pretending all the maps and blueprints were nothing but giant coke straws because, let’s be… More »

Lindsay Lohan Admits She Moved Next to Sam On Purpose, Isn’t Going Anywhere

While reports suggested she had no idea her apartment was directly next to Samantha Ronson’s and planned to move to avoid any problems, Lindsay Lohan actually took the time to deny those reports and essentially made it clear she’s a crazy person who isn’t going anywhere. E! News reports:

When quizzed by E! More »

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