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Elisabetta Canalis In A Bikini Will Kick Off Cannes

Here’s Elisabetta Canalis and Sacha Baron Cohen on a yacht in Cannes this morning to promote The Dictator and the funniest part is that one of the agencies actually listed Elisabetta as “supermodel Elisabetta Canalis.” Which is an amazing distinction for someone whose claim to fame is getting tossed off of George Clooney’s penis for… More »

Sacha Baron Cohen Understands the Promotional Power of Tanks

Despite the fact he purposefully wants the promotional appearances of Bruno to be as flamingly homosexual as possible, even Sacha Baron Cohen can’t escape the greatest persuasive tool known to man: The tank. To put things in perspective, I’d actually considering marrying a woman there were promises of a tank at the reception. Of course,… More »

Sacha Baron Cohen is wacky

Here’s Mike Myers Sacha Baron Cohen at a photocall for Bruno in Berlin. The only thing missing from these pictures is a T-shirt with the word “poop” on it which would’ve been absolutely hilarious provided I traveled back in time and showed them to my eight-year-old self. In the meantime, I’m going to ask… More »

Eminem gets Bruno’s nuts in his face

During an elaborate intro to present an award and promote Bruno, a winged Sacha Baron Cohen landed directly in Eminem’s lap essentially tea-bagging him. Eminem was visibly pissed and his bodyguards batted Sacha around like a pinata before the entire entourage stormed out of the theater. Nobody knows if Enimem was in on it, but… More »