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That’s Britney Spears’ Nipple

Come for the Britney Spears nipple slip. Stay for her trying to process that Ryan Seacrest isn’t gay. More »

BREAKING: Ryan Seacrest Got Drunk Enough To Touch A Vagina

“You! Yeah… you, right there. Black dress, stupid strap thingy. You get Cowell on the line and you tell that bastard a bet’s a FUCKING bet. He didn’t think I could do it, well, you tell him I fucking did it. I fucking did it all by myself with my hands on the slimy thing… More »

The 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Posted by Photo Boy

As far as I can tell from these photos, The iHeart Radio Music Awards are almost entirely ignored by anyone relevant in the music industry, which is why the most famous person on the red carpet was Hilary Duff and even she showed up looking like a just startingMore »

Ryan Seacrest Is Really Into The Chicks At His Party

Wait, did I say really? Because I meant not at all. Not even close. It’s a miracle he didn’t light them on fire.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFphoto, Pacific Coast NewsMore »

Julianne Hough’s In A Bikini

Because we’re dead inside, the other day we tried to make a shitty joke only to bail after laughing at the lead photo about Julianne Hough being abused as a child and how that explained her relationship with Ryan Seacrest. So to make things up to her, even though it was kind of funny, we’re… More »

Julianne Hough: ‘I Was Abused As A Child’

I, uh, I did something bad here, didn’t I?

Next post? Next post.

Photo: Fame, Flynet, Splash NewsMore »

Kanye West Was Supposed To Propose To Kim Kardashian On Her Birthday, Didn’t

Over the weekend, Ryan Seacrest hinted heavily that the evil he inflicted upon America would soon shat out another wedding thanks to Kanye West proposing to Kim Kardashian on her 32nd birthday this past Sunday. Except none of that happened, and instead Kanye just flew to her Italy where he banged her without making her… More »

Julianne Hough’s Still In A Bikini and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Beyonce and Jay-Z named their baby in honor of Satan. Of course. [Dlisted]

- Girls With Future Lower Back Problems is the appropriate way to ease back into the first full work week since the holidays. [theCHIVE]

- Kristen Bell wants to have sex… More »

Julianne Hough Wears A Bikini, Ryan Seacrest Seeks Cover From Her Girl Parts

Apparently Ryan Seacrest’s first encounter with Julianne Hough’s bikini-clad breasts left him feeling “icky,” if not full-blown “ohmahgah,” because here’s the two of them in St. Bart’s on Tuesday where Julianne went swimming in a bikini while Ryan safely hid hundreds of yards away on a boat waiting for her to “cover that shit up… More »

Julianne Hough Has Leaked Photos Now

When we last left Julianne Hough, she was being routinely molested by Ryan Seacrest in front of her friends and family as his way of saying, “Happy Birthday. Now quit your crying.” So here she is in a series of leaked photos that just made their way onto the Internet, and someone needs to teach… More »

Ryan Seacrest Understands Women

“Mmm, that’s pert, real pert. Is it creepy if I say that? Pert. These are pert.”

Julianne Hough celebrated her 23rd birthday in Miami over the weekend, and like any good boyfriend 13 years her senior, Ryan Seacrest surprised her by showing up and flagrantly molesting her in front of her friends and… More »

The Celebrites Are ‘Alive,’ Everybody!

After not even six whole days, the celebrities involved in the Keep a Child Alive campaign managed to convince a billionaire to donate $500,000 so they can all return to Twitter after it was starting to look like it’d be awhile before they could shill for Best Buy again. So, on that note, I took… More »


There’s really not a whole lot to say here except for Michael Jackson is still our greatest photobomber, and Justin Bieber has to be like gay catnip. Has to be.

Photos: Getty … More »

Ryan Seacrest’s stalker was Special Forces. Sweet!

Ryan Seacrest’s knife-wielding stalker who was arrested at E! Studios Friday is apparently a highly trained killing machine for the Army which issued a public apology to the radio host today. TMZ reports:

TMZ just spoke with Lt. Col. Nathan Banks, an Army spokesperson, who told us: “We apologize to Ryan Seacrest. More »

Kendra Wilkinson has a bachelorette party

- Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper had a conveniently photographed date last night. Somewhere Angelina is still not giving a shit. [Lainey Gossip]

- Ricky Martin has finally come out of the closet. The completely transparent one that might as well not even be there. [Celebslam]

- Heidi Klum is getting her… More »

Shanna Moakler to Miss California: ‘Stop lying.’

Instead of letting sleeping fake breasts lie, Shanna Moakler went on the offensive this morning against Carrie Prejean. Shanna called into Ryan Seacrest to explain why she resigned from the Miss California USA organization and stated she has no ill will towards Donald Trump. Via Sawf News:

Moakler says she was in agreement with… More »

Ryan Seacrest tries to high five a blind guy

Here’s a video of Ryan Seacrest trying to high five American Idol contest Scott Macintrye last night. Except, one small problem, Scott’s blind. I wonder if his heightened senses allowed him to smell Ryan’s epic levels of douche. Which would explain why Scott Macintyre spent the evening repeatedly asking if he was… More »

Paris Hilton & Benji Madden still doin’ it

Realizing no one outside of the free clinic will touch them, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden have started having sleepovers together, according to NY Daily News:

“They are completely still hooking up,” one source tells us, adding, “They aren’t exclusive, but they are still spending nights at each other’s houses.” Agrees a Hilton pal,… More »

Britney Spears & Madonna. Whee.

Dear Ryan Seacrest,

Last night, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake performed in LA with Madonna – but not together as you had promised. Instead, Ms. Spears stood painfully still singing “Human Nature,” while afterward, Master Timberlake appeared looking like the Artful Dodger’s gay cousin Skippy. My only response to you, Mr. Seacrest, is “What… More »

Ryan Seacrest gets bit by a shark, lives (C’MON!)

Ryan Seacrest apparently was bitten by a shark on Sunday while at the beach in Mexico. It must’ve been a tiny shark because Ryan barely even noticed and found the tooth later in his leg, according to Page Six:

“He didn’t know what it was for a minute – he thought it… More »

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