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Russell Crowe Lost His Shit Over Hoverboards

Russell Crowe freaked the fuck out when Virgin Airlines refused to check his sons’ hoverboards. What an unexpected turn of events. More »

Michael Jackson Used To Prank Call Russell Crowe

Michael Jackson apparently spent years prank calling Russell Crowe even though the two had never met or spoken to each before. This is why we Internet. More »

Someone Should Probably Tell New Superman People Live In Buildings: A Review of ‘Man of Steel’

“Aw, Superman, come back. We promise we won’t stare at your penis anymore. These aliens are really strong.”

If you’re debating whether to catch Man of Steel and are on a time-crunch, let me save you a pile of nerd words and say, yes, go see it. Because even though it’s not quite… More »

‘Man Of Steel’ Has A New Trailer

Here’s the newer, longer trailer for Man of Steel that showcases the different parenting styles of Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner who I’ll now refer to as Hugging Space Dad and Eh, Let People Die Dad from here on out. Not that I’m complaining because at least they finally explain why Superman keeps flying into… More »

Russell Crowe Is Single

If you haven’t heard by now, Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer have separated after nine years of marriage, according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

Crowe and Spencer have two children together, Charles and Tennyson, aged eight and six. The decision is said to have been amicable with Crowe and Spencer committed to protecting… More »

Russell Crowe is Superman’s Dad.
The Other One.

“Now, hear me out. If you apply Kryptonite to the tip, you should be able to make the cut.”

Keeping with the Hollywood tradition of casting once-handsome actors turned comically obese as Superman’s space dad, Russell Crowe will reportedly play Jor-El in Zack Snyder’s reboot, according to Variety:

Christopher Nolan had… More »

Russell Crowe: ‘Stop Cutting Baby Penis’


Apparently Tracy Morgan and Russell Crowe decided to star in a buddy comedy without telling anybody because while Tracy handled the gays, Russell gladiated the Jews this morning by tweeting and simultaneously outing himself as an Anne Geddes fan:

Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who… More »

Oh, good. Russell Crowe has a sword.

Here’s Russell Crowe at the Madrid photocall for Robin Hood where some genius thought it’d be a good idea to provide him with a sword, wine and the opportunity to trash anyone who’s played Robin Hood in the past century. Christ, at that point you might as well put an open Snickers in your… More »

Russell Crowe finally working out

Just because this seem apropos, here’s Russell Crowe finally working out in Sydney this morning after stubbornly refusing to shed the weight he gained for Body of Lies. His gut supposedly cost Sienna Miller the role of Maid Marian in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham because she’d make Russell look huge. I guess they threatened to cast… More »

Russell Crowe’s obesity gets Sienna Miller fired

Russell Crowe’s stubborn refusal to diet has cost Sienna Miller the role of Maid Marian in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood remake Nottingham. The Daily Mail reports

Crowe, 44, has not shed the four stone he gained for his role in the recent Body Of Lies, where he played a former journalist who hunts down… More »