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Lindsay Lohan Is Super Deep, You Guys

Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show with Russell Brand who she’s apparently trying to impress now by dropping deep quotes about capitalism on Instagram. In her bra:

“We swim in the aquarium of capitalism.”

As for where that’s from, I have no fucking clue because every… More »

And Now Russell Brand Demonstrating How Fox News Is A Terrorist Organization

What? You actually thought those Nina Agdal pics wouldn’t come with a price? Holy shit, you should see your faces right now. I’m gonna get a camera. Don’t move. (h/t Uproxx)

THE SUPERFICIAL | AboutFacebookTwitterMore »

Courtney Love Shot Down Russell Brand

In the past, Courtney Love has claimed that Gavin Rossdale slept with her while he was with Gwen Stefani, and that Dave Grohl banged Frances Bean because he was obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Also, she’s Courtney Love which in hindsight was all the background you needed here. Apologies. Via Starpulse:

The 49-year-old rocker… More »

Russell Brand: ‘The War On Drugs Killed Philip Seymour Hoffman’

In a new Guardian op/ed Russell Brand blames Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death on the War on Drugs which you can read in its entirely below at your leisure. But because I’ve been seeing this train of thought pop up in the comments, let me try and redirect your efforts because this is the wrong fuckingMore »

Russell Brand Wanted To Get Katy Perry Pregnant

Getting pregnant makes a woman’s breasts bigger, and Katy Perry and Russell Brand were both rich enough to have a child-size dungeon built in their house (Or hire a nanny, whatever.), so I really don’t get what all the complaining’s about here. Via Marie Claire:

She has said she wants children, but “I’m… More »

Russell Brand Jerked A Dude Off

In an interview dug up by Radar Online, Russell Brand admits to giving a man a handjob for a comedy documentary during the height of his heroin addiction. The documentary was supposed to explore “social taboos,” but mostly sounds like the work of a director going, “Haha! Watch what I’m going to make this junkie… More »

Russell Brand Was Edited Out of GQ’s Men Of The Year Issue, I Can’t Imagine Why

“So then I say, ‘Well, let’s see who’s inna bloody wheelchair now,” and then we made passionate love the soize of a tan-jah-reen.”

Last month, Russell Brand was kicked out of the GQ Men of The Year Awards after informing the crowd that the events sponsor Hugo Boss used to make uniforms forMore »

Katy Perry Almost Committed Suicide Because of Russell Brand Divorce

In a new interview with Billboard, Katy Perry admits she contemplated suicide after her divorce from Russell Brand. And if you’re wondering if she could seriously be that stupid, in the next paragraph she calls John Mayer a genius, so yes. Yes, she could.

Elsewhere, Perry pointedly confronts her turbulent recent history. The… More »

Russell Brand Kicked Out of GQ Awards For Pointing Out Hugo Boss Made Nazi Uniforms

While speaking at GQ’s Man of The Year Awards, Russell Brand thought it’d be hilarious to joke about the fact that Hugo Boss, the event’s sponsor, made a fortune selling uniforms to the Nazis. Which it was unless you’re an editor for GQ whose corporate sponsor you (accurately) linked to one of the most historic… More »

Russell Brand Thought About Other Women While Having Sex With Katy Perry

“Look at ‘is, love, I’m pretending your bum is Kim Kardashian’s. Kim Kardashian. That’s like the Cadillac of bums.”

Before a warmup gig for his Messiah Complex tour last week, Russell Brand was talking to the crowd about marriage and basically compared it to being a monk before throwing Katy Perry’s vagina under… More »

Russell Brand Tried To Bang Mila Kunis When She Was With Macaulay Culkin. It Didn’t Work.

Russell Brand has a new comedy tour to promote which requires him to do constant media appearances where he shares humorous anecdotes that hopefully people like me will repeat. Anecdotes like trying to pick up Mila Kunis only to have her say, “No, thanks, I’ll keep banging Macaulay Culkin,” so well played, chap. You stuck… More »

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Got Remarried And Had A Baby in The Middle of The Lakers Game

Here’s Katy Perry and Russell Brand at last night Lakers game where they clearly didn’t expect to run into each other judging by the fact she’s chugging beers next to her crazy Baptist preacher dad and Russell showed up with two young boys who keep staring at his penis. This was not the first date… More »

Russell Brand’s Banging Geri Halliwell

And possibly this guy. He seems old and prone to wheelchair use.

It seems like only yesterday we found out about Rihanna and Rob Kardashian, but already there’s a new random celebrity couple to rub it in our faces that the rich only bang the rich. Although, this one’s not hugely surprising considering… More »

If This Is A Drug Deal, Russell Brand Is A Genius

“Drug deal? Oh, no, no, no, mate. This man’s a bloody vet’ren, ‘at’s all. He’s gonna gimme a call at that numbah, and, uh, I’ll hire him as a butlah or something. It’d be pretty stupid of me to just buy 20 pounds of heroin (Catch that, mate? 20.) from a pretend vet’ren right here… More »

Russell Brand To Katy Perry: ‘Eh, You Can Keep The House, Too’

Apparently Russell Brand really wants to make it clear he doesn’t have a vagina because not only has he turned down $20 million in the divorce settlement, he’s now just letting Katy Perry keep the house they bought together. TMZ reports:

Russell Brand is one step closer to severing all ties with Katy… More »

Russell Brand: ‘I Threw That iPhone As A Tribute To Steve Jobs’

Seeing as he did it in front of 85 other cameras, Russell Brand isn’t even trying to pretend he didn’t steal a photographer’s phone and toss it through a window in New Orleans Monday night. He tweeted this just an hour ago because he’s so very cheeky, don’t you see?

Since Steve Jobs… More »

Here’s Russell Brand Stealing A Pap’s Phone And Then Throwing It Through A Window

Apparently doing nothing but yoga makes you the equivalent of a goddamn ‘roid addict, because here’s Russell Brand absolutely losing his shit in New Orleans yesterday by taking a paparazzo’s phone then chucking it through a window directly in front of other paparazzi that Russell will be surprised to learn have cameras that don’t stop… More »

Rihanna Wants To Help Katy Perry Find A New Man. Oh, Good.

If Rihanna’s head wasn’t fortified from years of Barbadian rum and butt sex, her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown would’ve caved it in the night he savagely beat her and left her for dead which she’s since forgiven him for. So clearly she’s the best person to help Katy Perry find a new boyfriend. I’m amazed they… More »

Katy Perry Still Has Awesome Breasts And Something About A Russell Brand Song At The Grammys

Despite signing her divorce papers with a smiley face and walking away with every last cent of her money, Katy Perry decided to lash out at Russell Brand anyway during her Grammys performance last night by tweaking the lyrics to her new song “Part of Me.” Us Weekly reports:

Dressed in a skintight… More »

Russell Brand Doesn’t Want Katy Perry’s Money

Russell Brand might be a sex addict who can’t get an erection without the aid of wheelchair porn, but if there’s one thing he’s not, it’s a bloody gold-digger. TMZ reports:

Katy made $44 million between May, 2010 and May, 2011 — according to Forbes. The couple married in October, 2010, so Russell… More »

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