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When Did Tallulah Willis Become The Hot One? Also, There’s A Hot One?

Tallulah Willis looks like this now. More »

This Post Is About Rumer Willis’ Butt

Rumer Willis’ butt is in a bikini. You’re looking right at it. More »

Rumer Willis Won Dancing With The Stars If Anyone Gives A Shit

Rumer Willis won Dancing With The Stars. More importantly, pictures of her butt, we have them. More »

Demi Moore Gave Rumer Willis A Gun Cake

Apparently, everyone’s supposed to lose their shit over Demi Moore giving Rumer Willis a gun cake for her 26th birthday even though it’s supposedly a callback to her photo shoot with Tyler Shields. I’m a wiener-bitch liberal when it comes to guns, and even I don’t see the problem here. Not to mention, Demi’s one… More »

There Was A #FreeTheNipple Fundraiser, Of Course

A few weeks ago, Scout Willis walked around New York City topless because Instagram doesn’t allow nipples or something. The important thing is that it’s a very serious issue that required very serious celebrity activism instead of, oh I dunno, say childhood obesity, education, hunger, poverty, unemployment, domestic abuse, fracking, gun control, climate change, or… More »

And Now Back To Celebrity Groins

My last post involved not equating with homosexuals with pedophiles which required way more critical thinking than some of you prefer or are even capable of, so fortunately for you here’s Rumer Willis flashing her panties. And guess what? They cover her vagina! ZOLY COW THE ZEXY PUD YOUR PENIS IN PLACE!

Photos:More »

‘Whee! We’re Rich And On Drugs Just Like Hippies! F*ck You, Dad!’

“Shit. Did I lock the Beamer?”
“Hehe! I traded it for acid. Do me in that clown skull!”

Here’s the rest of the first weekend of Coachella where rich people dressed like an American Eagle ad and stuffed themselves so full of drugs they forgot they had children and/or nothing but aMore »

Rumer Willis Wore A Much Better Bikini

We already saw Rumer Willis in a bikini earlier in the week, so here she is again proving that if she doesn’t wear her grandmother’s bathing suit, her ass can look somewhat great if not borderline awesome. On that note, if you find yourself asking, “Hey, why aren’t any of these shots from the front?” More »

Rumer Willis Proves I’ll Post Anyone In A Bikini, Literally Anyone

Here’s Rumer Willis in Maui over the weekend because it’s my job to educate people like myself who wonder if her body’s as unfortunate as her face. Turns out the answer is “Not quite, but almost,” so can somebody write that down in a log somewhere for future generations? I can’t see how they wouldn’t… More »

Mila Kunis Is Gonna Be A Great Stepmom

Here’s Mila Kunis out buying pumpkins yesterday for Rumer and Scout Willis because when you’re dating a man with kids, it’s always important to make an effort to connect with them. Mostly so they’ll like you better and then eventually inject their real mother with cancer like Julia Roberts made Susan Sarandon’s kids do by… More »

Demi Moore’s Daughters Want A Restraining Order Against Her, Like Ashton Kutcher Better

Demi Moore’s daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis are apparently considering getting a restraining order against her because Demi won’t stop leaving them crazy messages about them liking Ashton Kutcher better than her because he actually shows up to their special events and doesn’t just bolt without even talking to them when no one’s slipping… More »

Bruce Willis Told Demi Moore To Go To Rehab, She Chose Penis Cake And Whip-Its

Shortly before Demi Moore somehow found herself in the hospital after sucking back whip-its and K2 Spice on a stomach full of nothing but Red Bulls, Bruce Willis reportedly urged her to go to rehab. So just assume that conversation involved both of their daughters looking like the goddamn Elephant Man so they’ve been through… More »

Rumer Willis Is Already Partying Again

Rumer Willis just watched Demi Moore get taken away in an ambulance after going on a whip-it and K2 Spice bender because she’s too beautiful to buy real drugs, I have no fucking clue, so of course Rumer was already out hitting SAG parties by the weekend, according to E! News:

Meanwhile, over… More »

Demi Moore Was Smoking K2 Spice With Rumer

As Demi Moore’s Fuck You, Ashton Kutcher Drug Binge and Nitrous Extravaganza continues to unfold, we now know that Rumer was there the whole time, and that the two were most likely smoking something called K2 Spice and not salvia because apparently I’m the only one who still drinks all his anger and frustration into… More »

Rumer Willis Should Stand Next To Her Sister More Often

Here’s Rumer and Scout Willis leaving the Adele concert last night, and someone needs to explain to me what the hell Demi Moore’s vagina did them during childbirth because somehow both of them have giant, elongated peanut-heads with prominent chins. And if childbirth didn’t do it, then we need to acknowledge the fact that these… More »

Demi Moore Gave Rumer Willis Some Good Genes After All

Here’s Rumer Willis in LA yesterday, and the term “butterface” really doesn’t do these photos any type of justice at all. What they need is a brave new term that fully encapsulates learning Rocky Dennis had an awesome pair of yams the whole time. Something like “wowgodisadick-face” or “ihatemypenis-puss.” Either one.

Photo: Fame,More »

Rumer Willis is a Model. I Guess.

Despite having the exact same facial structure as Glenn Quagmire, Rumer Willis is now the new face of Badgley Mishka thus keeping alive the proud Hollywood tradition of making whatever falls out of a wealthy vagina a model. What concerns me the most all about this, is that her mom buys plastic surgery in bulk,… More »

Rumer Willis picks good film roles

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for why Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis’ daughter) is dressed like this. And it’s simple really: every single person working on her new film has lost their damn mind.More »

Paparazzi attacked and left unconscious over Rumer Willis

A paparazzi photog was brutally attacked last night in Hollywood after the ESPY Awards and was left unconscious and convulsing on the ground (the video above is the aftermath). The fight began when two random assholes decided to act as Rumer Willis’ bodyguards as she made her way out of Skybar. TMZMore »