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Rose McGowan Is Topless

Here's Rose McGowan posing topless on Facebook yesterday except unlike Chelsea Handler and Miley Cyrus, she's not doing it to #FreeTheNipple, but for these other stupid hashtags that I don't understand: #‎NOWNESS #‎art #‎beauty WE ARE ALL STILL LIVES #‎marlenemarino She also used a boombox emoticon which is either…
By: The Superficial / January 7, 2015

Rose McGowan Wore This To The White House And Other News

- Anna Kendrick Should Replace Craig Ferguson: A Proposal. [Lainey Gossip] - Kaley Cuoco thinks the house she bought from Khloe Kardashian is cursed. [Dlisted] - You are now entering The Hip Bone Zone. [theCHIVE] - Adam Levine apparently can look douchier. Who knew? [Fishwrapper] - Funny…
By: The Superficial / May 5, 2014

Rich People Pretending To Be Groovy Hippies, Man

Now that we've seen Leonardo DiCaprio dancing, the continued effects of lupus on the mind, and British on Dutch foreplay, here's the rest of the rich people pretending to be earth spirits or some stupid shit they told themselves on the jet ride over. In their defense, they only…
By: The Superficial / April 14, 2014

Joe Manganiello is Single

"That's right, Skarsgard. And I can do this..." True Blood star Joe Manganiello is a single man now after calling off his engagement to girlfriend Audra Marie which I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say has nothing to do with the fact that he stars in no…
By: The Superficial / September 16, 2011

Hello, Rose McGowan And Other News

Posted by Photo Boy - Snooki is ready for the Fox News anchor desk. [Huffington Post] - Shannon Doherty wants you to go back to school. [Dlisted] - Contact with George Clooney's penis is the newest prerequisite for Dancing With The Stars. [Lainey Gossip] - Meanwhile, an alarm just…
By: Photo Boy / August 31, 2011

Rose McGowan’s plastic surgery stopped working

I don't know if Rose McGowan's plastic surgery is wearing off, or if she legitimately wants to look like Cesar Romero from the 60s Batman TV show. It's anyone's guess, really. Photos: Flynet, Splash New…
By: The Superficial / October 15, 2009

Rose McGowan, Zac Efron have casting troubles

Rose McGowan was being considered for a starring role in "Speed Racer," but the studio felt her plastic surgery left her unrecognizable. NY Daily News reports: McGowan, 34, has admitted to having plastic surgery for an eye injury related to a car accident. But casting skeptics suspect she has had much more done, and…
By: The Superficial / September 20, 2007

Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan pose naked

I'll only watch a movie if the female stars agree to pose naked wearing nothing but bullets. This is especially true if the movie stars Rosie O'Donnell and Kathy Bates. And by especially true I mean not true at all. Because that would be the day all the penises on Earth died.
By: Superficial / April 6, 2007

Rose McGowan is self absorbed

Rose McGowan reportedly warned her female co-stars not to wear red to the LA premiere of Grindhouse so her dress wouldn't be upstaged. A source says: "It caused quite a stir. The feeling is she's self-obsessed." Among the beauties ordered to do without red were Rosario Dawson, Jordan Ladd and Sydney Tamiia Poitier.
By: Superficial / March 28, 2007

Rose McGowan forgets her bra

If you can forget about these shots of Rose McGowan's droopy eye you might actually enjoy this shot of her braless in a see-through shirt. She looks surprisingly good for somebody who two days ago I thought made a living off scaring little children. Click for the slightly NSFW nipple version.
By: Superficial / March 21, 2007

Rose McGowan almost lost her eye

Rose McGowan was in a car accident a few weeks ago and the accident pushed her glasses into her face, slicing into it. She was scared of scarring but found an excellent plastic surgeon. She says: "I didn't realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of…
By: Superficial / March 19, 2007

Tara Reid is a diamond thief

Tara Reid showed up with twenty people at Rose McGowan's private luncheon at the Diamond Acquifer Oscar suite at the Soho House in Hollywood and swiped all the gift bags that had been set aside for guests, which included a $1,000 diamond bracelet. An employee of the Diamond Acquifer told Page Six, "Gone! They took…
By: Superficial / March 6, 2006

Rose McGowan is almost arrested

Rose McGowan was almost arrested at the T-Mobile party at Vanguard on Tuesday after getting into a dispute with one of the club's security guards. "A man was standing uncomfortably close to her," said a pal. "She told him to move, words were exchanged and it turned out he was a security guard for…
By: Superficial / October 20, 2005