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Rooney Mara And Tiger Lily Actually Have A Lot In Common, You Guys

Everybody relax! Rooney Mara and the Native American princess created by a possible pedophile are just two strong, independent women. More »

The 84th Annual Academy Awards

“Yes, I know it’s aimed at my penis. That’s why I made her wear it there.”

Here’s the rest of the Oscars red carpet photos plus Brooklyn Decker who wasn’t technically at the Oscars but her breasts are huge, so close enough. Think of this post as honoring the splendor of the Academy… More »

Rooney Mara Is Your New Megan Fox

As the marketing machine for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo geared up last month, virtually unknown actress Rooney Mara decided to introduce herself to the world by pulling a Megan Fox and shitting all over her first acting experience on Law & Order: SVU. A job she was obviously way too good for. She’s… More »

Rooney Mara Looks.. Neat? And Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Kate Winslet looks back nostalgically on helping people get laid in the 90’s. [Huffington Post]

- Colton Haynes looks straight to me. [Dlisted]

- Jennifer Aniston is the Sexiest Woman Of All Time according to Men’s Health. (Disclaimer: This list also includes Madonna in… More »