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Kate Gosselin is Here to Steal Christmas

After spending her morning trying to claim her kids weren’t expelled from school despite simultaneously blaming Jon for it, Kate Gosselin stepped out in New York on Wednesday to remind everyone this is the time of year when she straps antlers on her dog and breaks into your house. To prove my point, Taylor MomsenMore »

Kate Gosselin is Dying

Here’s a just-released shot from Kate Gosselin’s romantic trip to Cabo with her bodyguard last week and either People magazine lied to me, or Kate’s body is sloughing off at an alarming rate. But more than likely, the paparazzi just missed Kuato popping out to warn her Jon’s emptying the joint account again. “Open yourMore »

Kate Gosselin Earned ‘The Right’ To This Body

Kate Gosselin appears on the latest issue of People (above) where she shoots down rumors of plastic surgery and credits her “new body” entirely to her morning jogs:

“I’ve worked really hard!” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “Haven’t I earned the right, at this point, to look good?”
While… More »

Kate Gosselin Wants a Cop to Beat Her Kids. And Her Heart…

When her uterus isn’t directly causing crazed gunmen to hold the Discovery Channel building hostage, Kate Gosselin secretly pines for a strapping man in the law enforcement profession to rough her kids up before discharging his sidearm into her wanting perp. (Police erotica: Catch it!) Us Magazine reports: … More »