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Roberto Cavalli Is Still Awesome

When we last left fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, he was playing the odds exactly right by hitting on Elin Nordegren, and I’ll never understand how that didn’t work out. Fortunately, Roberto is a self-made man who builds from the ashes of his failures, if building from the ashes of your failures means making a model… More »

Roberto Cavalli Tried To Bang Tiger Wood’s Ex Now

When we last left Roberto Cavalli, he was demonstrating how awesome it is to be old because you can do all kinds of horny shit and people just laugh and call you adorable. So, of course, here is in a Speedo essentially trying to maul Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Although, in Robert Cavalli’s defense,… More »

Roberto Cavalli Is Kind Of Awesome

For those of you wondering when men eventually stop ogling women, here’s 71-year-old Italian fashion mogul Roberto Cavalli blatantly staring at his Russian girlfriend’s ass while she’s bending over in a bikini. An ass he’s guaranteed to see whenever he wants because he always keeps bills in his pocket, yet here he is taking a… More »