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And Now It’s Time To Play ‘How Many Kardashians Did Justin Bieber Bang?’

After the Orlando Bloom incident which apparently all started after Leonardo DiCaprio “flicked” Justin Bieber away, the little shit should be a social pariah for all intents and purposes. But then again, he technically still has money, so naturally the Kardashians not only talked Kanye West into convincing his lover Riccardo Tisci to invite Bieber… More »

Kanye Doesn’t Want A Prenup, Thinks They’re ‘Tacky’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got engaged Monday night, and if you’re a rational person with even the slightest knowledge of Kim, you’d assume there’s going to be a prenup to protect at least some of his money from the most highly successful and obvious gold dig of our generation. And you’d be wrong. Via… More »

We Get It, Kim Kardashian, You’re Lactating

Kim Kardashian could be home taking care of her three-month-old daughter, but then who’s going to walk around Paris with their tits out for the cameras to distract from their post-pregnancy weight? You gotta have priorities. Also, it’s not like Kim left the kid with the worst possible person imaginable except, just kidding, she did. More »

Kim Kardashian’s Afraid Kanye West Is Gay

Kanye West looks like he’s at a funeral every time he has to walk into another paparazzi trap set up by Kim Kardashian, so clearly that means he’s a homosexual who fucks men in the anus, is what she’s starting to think now. InTouch Weekly via Gossip Cop:

According to the mag, Kardashian’s… More »