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A Brief Interlude For Quentin Tarantino Mauling His Girlfriend’s Face

Quentin Tarantino and his girlfriend made it weird at a French film festival. More »

Quentin Tarantino’s Hand And Footprint Ceremony Looks About Right

Quentin Tarantino at a ceremony about feet? Dear God. More »

Quentin Tarantino Cries During Romantic Comedies

Quentin Tarantino apparently gets very emotional during romantic comedies. Did not see that coming. More »

Don’t Ask Robert Downey Jr. About ‘Dark Periods’ (Light Flows? Maybe)

Robert Downey Jr. walks out of an interview after being asked about the ‘dark periods’ in his past. More »

Uma Thurman’s Toes Are Quentin Tarantino’s Now

Uma Thurman is barefoot in these photos which is exactly all the evidence I need to believe she’s rebounded with Quentin Tarantino after leaving French financier Arpad Busson last month. You could’ve shown me footage of Quentin’s penis visibly in Uma’s vagina, and I still would’ve said, “Yeah, but where are the feet?” I know… More »

Be A Man And Say ‘N-gger’ To Samuel L. Jackson Or He Won’t Answer Your N-gger Questions

You’d think the media only just now saw a Tarantino movie for the first time and went, “Oh my stars, the language,” because there’s been a surprising collective freak-out over the use of the word “nigger” in Django Unchained despite being a movie about, oh I dunno, slavery. Not to mention, Leonardo DiCaprio has openly… More »

‘Quentin Tarantino Sucked My Toes’

Quentin Tarantino is a well-known foot fetishist, and that’s without even counting the almost hour-long close-up of Bridget Fonda’s feet in Jackie Brown, which makes this email that the entire Internet has been forwarded by now pretty fucking believable. A woman, now identified as Beejoli Shah, recounts a tale of meeting “QT” at a party… More »

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