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A Brief Interlude For Quentin Tarantino Mauling His Girlfriend’s Face

Quentin Tarantino and his girlfriend made it weird at a French film festival. More »

Quentin Tarantino’s Hand And Footprint Ceremony Looks About Right

Quentin Tarantino at a ceremony about feet? Dear God. More »

Quentin Tarantino Cries During Romantic Comedies

Quentin Tarantino apparently gets very emotional during romantic comedies. Did not see that coming. More »

Don’t Ask Robert Downey Jr. About ‘Dark Periods’ (Light Flows? Maybe)

Robert Downey Jr. walks out of an interview after being asked about the ‘dark periods’ in his past. More »

Uma Thurman’s Toes Are Quentin Tarantino’s Now

Uma Thurman is barefoot in these photos which is exactly all the evidence I need to believe she’s rebounded with Quentin Tarantino after leaving French financier Arpad Busson last month. You could’ve shown me footage of Quentin’s penis visibly in Uma’s vagina, and I still would’ve said, “Yeah, but where are the feet?” I know… More »

Be A Man And Say ‘N-gger’ To Samuel L. Jackson Or He Won’t Answer Your N-gger Questions

You’d think the media only just now saw a Tarantino movie for the first time and went, “Oh my stars, the language,” because there’s been a surprising collective freak-out over the use of the word “nigger” in Django Unchained despite being a movie about, oh I dunno, slavery. Not to mention, Leonardo DiCaprio has openly… More »

‘Quentin Tarantino Sucked My Toes’

Quentin Tarantino is a well-known foot fetishist, and that’s without even counting the almost hour-long close-up of Bridget Fonda’s feet in Jackie Brown, which makes this email that the entire Internet has been forwarded by now pretty fucking believable. A woman, now identified as Beejoli Shah, recounts a tale of meeting “QT” at a party… More »

Britney Spears to star in new Quentin Tarantino film?

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly trying to cast Britney Spears in his remake of the 1965 film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Apparently, Tarantino can’t imagine anyone else tackling the role of a lesbian stripper. Way to dream big there, buddy. The UK Telegraph reports:

Spears’ character murders the boyfriend with her bare hands before taking… More »

Quentin Tarantino thinks Lindsay is the best

Quentin Tarantino has officially lost his shit. Yesterday at the 68th Annual Golden Globe nominations ceremony he told OK! Magazine he would love to work with Lindsay Lohan:

“[Lohan] is one of the best actresses in Hollywood.”
When asked if he’d ever cast Lindsay in a Kill Bill-type role, Tarantino said, “I could… More »