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Queen Latifah Cancels Bill Cosby Interview Because of Rape Allegations

And now back to awful. Last week, Hannibal Buress managed to remind the entire Internet that Bill Cosby has a long history of rape allegations. Except just like the last time this happened, it was already looking it would blow over again because Bill Cosby tells black people to pull up their pants and hates… More »

Zac Efron does one of those ‘Funny or Die’ videos. Guess what it falls under.

I’ve determined Funny or Die makes two types of videos (besides the obvious):
1. Whatever the hell kind of awesome this “leaked” version of Wolverine is.
2. Painfully long skits featuring tons of celebs who might as well be getting blown by the director – such as the above video starring Zac… More »

Queen Latifah in a swimsuit = jolly!

Upholding my never-ending quest to post bikini pictures of the stars, here’s shots of Queen Latifah in Miami enjoying some aquatic activities. As a boob-lover, all I can say is DAMN! Where do the breasts end and the woman begin? But, seriously, I really want to know. I’ve been staring at these pics for hours… More »

Victoria Beckham has hard nipples

It sort of defeats the purpose of a bra when your nipples are made from solid diamond. No, wait, not diamond. The stuff they use to cut diamond. And it’s probably not good for Queen Latifah’s self esteem to be running into Victoria Beckham. It’d be like Lindsay Lohan running into Stephen Hawking. More »

Queen Latifah doesn’t like her swimsuit

Serena Williams is a drunk

Serena Williams seemed a little overserved at a Vibe magazine Oscar pre-party in L.A. Witnesses spotted a wobbly Williams being helped out of Republic nightclub by two friends. “They were literally holding her up and keeping her steady so she could walk out,” said a source. Serena – who’d been indulging in Moet Champagne -… More »