Pope Benedict XVI

Guys, I Found Out Why The Pope Quit

I’m kidding, I’m kidding! It’s because he joined Twitter. There’s no believing in God after seeing what’s on there.

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The Pope Wants You to ‘Be Yourself’ on The Internet


In probably the most random message to come out of the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI has seen fit to tackle the pressing, if not life-threatening issue of people pretending to be millionaire gymnasts on the Internet. Shit, he’s on to me:

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Mel Gibson’s Dad: ‘The Pope’s a Queer’

I’m going to assume Oksana Grigorieva found the secret underground bunker where Mel Gibson’s publicist hides the actor’s father Hutton Gibson because somehow the old man recently called into The Political Cesspool radio show where he proceeded to accuse Pope Benedict of being a “queer” working in cahoots with the Masons. Even more shocking? Not… More »