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Pippa Middleton Wore This and Other News

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- Arrested Development is coming back. Not sure if everyone’s heard. [Huffington Post]

- Russell Brand is the premier practical jokester of the international travel practical jokesters. [Dlisted]

- Kelly Brook should have played Indy’s son. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Miranda Kerr is back… More »

Pippa Flashed Her Knickers, She Did

Ever since we discovered her “ass” was an elaborate ruse by the British to socialize our medicine and stop us from executing black guys – Suck it, Limeys!Pippa Middleton hasn’t been on the site much lately. So here she is flashing her panties at a London Fashion Week show which has set the… More »

Pippa Middleton’s ‘Butt’ Will Tide You Over

While we wait for the results of Lindsay Lohan’s probation hearing, here’s Pippa Middleton in a tight dress which I’m entirely posting to attract European readers and show them how we handle celebrity justice here in the colonies. Which is we don’t. We don’t do anything. One of them even killed a kid and we… More »

Pippa Middleton is Single

“Remember, that coat comes off and these men have orders to shoot. Do smile, sister!”

Seen here wearing the Pea Green Ass-Blocker of Dorcestershire so as not to upstage the Royal Anus, Pippa Middleton is reportedly single, according to People:

“It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that… More »

Return of The Pippa Middleton Butt Hour

After subjecting you to the scorn of British asses, the least I can do is regale you with its pride, so here’s Pippa Middleton walking in Chelsea today as global stock markets are literally made and broken based on the curvature of her butt. It’s getting that out of hand. In the meantime, every single… More »

Jennifer Aniston Topless Will Make You Thirsty For Intelligent Water

Here’s Jennifer Aniston posing “topless” for the latest Smart Water ads which, full disclosure, I’m entirely posting just so I can write “Jennifer Aniston topless” in the headline and watch you all try to fit through the door at the same time because that’s how deep I love, baby. On that note, I might’ve kept… More »

Pippa Middleton Flashed Her Panties!

Now that we’ve acknowledged Kim Kardashian’s engagement for five minutes (I’m getting soft in my old age.), let’s move on to what really matters to today’s Internet: Namely Pippa Middleton flashing her panties and getting photographed in a tight skirt. Again, I’m not really seeing the attraction here, but after looking at Armenian butt implants… More »

The Pippa Middleton Butt Hour

*looks down SEO checklist*

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check.
Botox Mom. Check.
Pippa Middleton’s butt. On it.

Ever since the Royal Wedding, the ass of Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa has been the object of fascination for, I’m assuming, British men because honestly this thing isn’t doing much for me. Although, that… More »