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That’s Salma Hayek’s Ass

Here’s Salma Hayek flashing her ass while filming How to Make Love Like an Englishman which, judging by this pic of Pierce Brosnan, is “portly, with a bit a’ brandy, love.” And, yes, I just made Pierce Brosnan talk like Michael Caine because that’s ‘ow they bloody all should, the filthy lot. And sweep up… More »

Hey, Pierce Brosnan? What’s Up?

“They’re ready for you on set, Mr. Bros-“
“Just gimme a second, alright? Judi Dench naked. Judi Dench naked. Judi Dench naked…”


Quick Note: 1. Enjoy this while you can because 2. the original upload of this song was yanked down by MGM, so give… More »

Denise Richards makes Pierce Brosnan immediately regret doing those Bond movies

Remember when Denise Richards played Dr. Christmas Jones in The World is Not Enough? Of course not, only she does. (On a good day.) Here’s Denise bumping into her co-star, 007 himself, Pierce Brosnan at Sundance. Running into a Bond girl must be like seeing a one-night stand you never called again. But this time… More »