Philip Seymour Hoffman

Drake Calls Rolling Stone ‘Evil’ After Replacing His Cover With Philip Seymour Hoffman

Yesterday, Drake got a bunch of press after calling Macklemore’s text to Kendrick Lamar “wack as fuck” in an interview with Rolling Stone. Except now Drake’s the one acting wack as fuck after finding out Rolling Stone replaced his cover with Philip Seymour Hoffman and printed some words he said about Kanye West that were… More »

Russell Brand: ‘The War On Drugs Killed Philip Seymour Hoffman’

In a new Guardian op/ed Russell Brand blames Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death on the War on Drugs which you can read in its entirely below at your leisure. But because I’ve been seeing this train of thought pop up in the comments, let me try and redirect your efforts because this is the wrong fuckingMore »

David Bar Katz Is Suing The National Enquirer For $50 Million

Yesterday, the Internet and I ran wild with a story that Philip Seymour Hoffman had a gay lover. And while the source was the always questionable National Enquirer, they were touting an actual interview with directly attributed quotes to Hoffman’s longtime business partner David Bar Katz (above) who was the one coming forward claiming to… More »

Some Dude Says He’s Been Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Gay Lover For Years

Adrian Grenier?! I knew it!

I probably should’ve used a less sketchy headline like “Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Business Partner Claims They Were Gay Lovers,” but then I couldn’t have made that Adrian Grenier joke and would’ve wasted my whole day. Fuck all that. Hollywood Life reports:

Playwright David Bar Katz and… More »

Philip Seymour Hoffman Had A Million Bags of Heroin In His Apartment (Give Or Take)

Hmm. I wonder how he smuggled those…

Depending on where you read, Philip Seymour Hoffman had somewhere between 5070 bags of heroin in his apartment at the time of his death. Which raises the question of just how awful it is to be around his kid that Philip Seymour Hoffman needed… More »

Philip Seymour Hoffman Overdosed (1967 – 2014)

In case anyone feels the need to pay tribute on a tit and dick joke site, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead yesterday in the bathroom of his Manhattan apartment with a needle in his arm. He was 46, and a powerhouse of an actor revered for his talents who just gambled that all away… More »

AnnaLynne McCord & Her Sisters All Wore Bikinis

Posted by Photo Boy

True story, this post was originally about Philip Seymour Hoffman snorting heroin for 10 days before checking into rehab – No, really. – so go check that out if you want. Over here, AnnaLynne McCord and her sisters are in bikinis, so they win. I’m not really sure who… More »