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Peter Dinklage Made A ‘Clueless Gamer,’ POUR IT INTO MY EYES

Peter Dinklage? Clueless Gamer? Someone fetch a lasso because I gots me an erection to wrangle. (Why did I write that?) More »

Peter Dinklage Hosted ‘SNL’

Peter Dinklage can’t even save SNL. More »


Peter Dinklage won an Emmy while wearing a man bun. It’s goddamn good to be home. More »

I Needed This

Willpower? How does it work? More »

America Needs This

Just let it happen. More »

You Have My Attention, ‘Pixels’

The only thing I know about Pixels is that it’s an Adam Sandler movie, so right off the bat I know way too much and will forever have to live with my shame. But then I saw these pics of Ashley Benson looking hot as shit while wielding double katanas as a perfectly mulleted PeterMore »

I Love The Smell of Raccoons With Machine Guns In The Morning

Here’s the latest trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy where you get to find out what this movie will feel like with an actual score instead of classic rock hits. More importantly than whatever the hell I just said, you get to see the raccoon with a machine gun say a bunch of funny words,… More »

Peter Dinklage With A Mullet Is Why We Internet

If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching this scene over and again until I can no longer tell where Peter Dinklage ends and Patrick Swayze’s mullet begins. Send food in five days, medical supplies in 10. … More »

Deveining Brett Ratner: A Review of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

In the past eight hours since I left the theater, I’ve put way too much thought into X-Men: Days of Future Past which is something you never, ever want to do with an X-Men movie because, holy shit, do these things fall apart under the slightest bit of scrutiny. As for what I’ve been thinking… More »

It’s The Peter Dinklage ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme

Posted by Photo Boy

Remember earlier when I said the Internet was amazing for shining a light on racists who hide behind wealth, politeness and moral ambiguity? Nevermind that. This is what the Internet is for. This and nothing else.

[h/t Uproxx]
More »

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Has A New Trailer And It Is Much Better

Here’s the official second trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past which mops the floor with whatever the hell was going on in the first one simply by not making the movie look like it’s about two Shakespearean actors wearing leather inside a laser tag. Which don’t get me wrong, that’s entirely what it’s about,… More »

The 20th Annual SAG Awards

I’m going to shoot it to you straight. Today is technically a work holiday, so I let Photo Boy have the day off because he’s like my sla- a trusted employee! I was going to say trusted employee. So here’s my attempt at a SAG Awards red carpet gallery/a> which may or may not beMore »

Peter Dinklage Riding A Razor Scooter

Before this moment, there was an empty hole in your life. A hole that made you feel less than complete, so fruitlessly, you tried filling it with things like a career, a wife, kids, a house, alcohol, Christina Ricci refrigerator porn. Whatever pleasures of the flesh you could find to feel whole again, if only… More »

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

We’ve already spent way too much time on the Emmys, so here are the rest of the red carpet pics featuring such classics as Rapidly De-Aging Skylar White, an act of terrorism, Julianne Hough & The See-Through Butt, My Dick Is Huge I Can Laugh However I Want, Haha! Superman Dumped You, Bring Your ViralMore »


*breathes into paper bag* Stay strong. Stay… strong…

Tyrion and Cersei Lannister – GIGGLE HEE HEE HOO! – may seem like they’re secretly plotting to murder each other on TV, but in real life, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey randomly show up to gay bars in Canada and hula hoop – TIDDLE LEE! More »

If It’s Wrong To Carry Peter Dinklage Around In A Coffee Cup, I Don’t Want To Be Right And Other News

- Remember when we were all beginning to slightly tolerate Justin Timberlake? That’s gone now. It’s gone. [Lainey Gossip]

– Oh, like Khloe couldn’t smell their vaginas from the other room. [Dlisted]

– Sexy girls in sports bras, anyone? [theCHIVE]

- Dennis Rodman doesn’t remember being married to CarmenMore »

Everyone Shut Up Peter Dinklage Might Be In ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

UPDATE: And it’s official.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about Peter Dinklage which I’d like to say is because I respected his wishes from his Rolling Stone interview where he talks about not wanting his pure, condensed awesome to be a spectacle, but really it’s because he moved to… More »

Peter Dinklage Is The Best At What He Does, But What He Does Isn’t Very Nice

I want to eff the Internet so hard right now…

[Ed. Note: Quick bit of site news that none of you will read because why the hell would you ever stop looking at the top pic. (No, really, what are you doing down here?) I’m without a Photo Boy this week, yet asMore »

It’s Too Late For Peter Dinklage. The Black Spider-Man Suit Has Him Now.

“This Lannister shall pay his rent. As soon as you remedy that damnable door!”

Christ, that was a nerdy reference, even for me. I’ll go have anti-sex now.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash NewsMore »

GOLDEN GLOBES: One Dinklage To Rule Them All

While he didn’t walk out onstage struttin’ like a pimp thanks to being forced to navigate a sea of chairs because the Golden Globes clearly has an anti-midget agenda – Case in point: Where was Tom Cruise last night? – here’s Peter Dinklage accepting his award for Best Supporting Actor for Game of Thrones even… More »

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