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The Jesus Penis

For those of you screaming in the comments for me to show some cock, I give you the wang of Jesus Luz. This is a recently-leaked outtake from his infamous W photo shoot that I can’t understand why it didn’t run. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a shriveled, young Brazilian penis and Broomhilda? You’re… More »

Pamela Anderson loves Big Penis

I’m pretty sure this post doesn’t count as news considering absolutely no one’s surprised Pamela Anderson’s choice in literature involves giant cocks. Then again, an indigenous tribe in the rainforest might’ve just got the Internet, so someone should really bring them up to speed:

White Devil-Lady Mountains bring fire to man-spear. Double-canoe it.
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Fergie has a penis. It’s official.

And that’s a cock. Well, folks, there’s not really much to say at this point except for “I told you so” followed by a slew of questions regarding the legality of Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s marriage in a post-Prop 8 California. That said, someone should probably check on Carrie Prejean and make sure she doesn’t… More »